Swale Borough Council supports ‘A Year in the Life’ in Faversham and Sheppey

Creative and Art News

Through the Swale Arts Grant, Swale Borough Council has agreed to support the community photographic projects which are being run in Faversham and on the Isle of Sheppey. The award of £1000 will enable the organisers from Kent Creative Arts CIC to set up quality exhibitions in both areas around September 2012.

The project also benefits so far from funding from the Local Engagement Forum, Faversham Town Council and a variety of sponsors. Nathalie Banaigs, project manager, said: “We are delighted that a Swale Arts Grant has been awarded to our 365 projects. Swale Borough Council has already offered precious support in kind to the Sheppey project by way of administrative help, so this additional support is greatly appreciated by all involved in the project.”

A Year in the Life is an art and heritage community project designed to record a year in the life of Canterbury/Faversham/Sheppey during the course of 2011 through 365 photographs, one for each day of the year, taken by the residents. This unique project, which has been hugely successful in Faversham last September, will show the different views, styles and feelings that each photographer brings in, with photographs featuring people, events, places etc that are around them. The project will capture hidden scenes too, the activities that not everyone notices or gets a chance to see, creating a diary for today and a record for the future.

200 people are taking part so far…for more info please visit  www.kentcreativearts.co.uk/a-year-in-the-life

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