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Introducing A New Creatabot Contributor – Jack Burrows

We have a lovely new contributor writing for us, let me introduce you to Jack Burrows. Currently based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Jack’s creativity is concentrated on film making and creative writing. He will be writing about various filming techniques as well as other subjects that inspire him. I asked him some questions so we could all get to know him better…

 So Jack, have you always been creative?

I’d like to think so.  I remember when I was younger being fascinated by how a camera works and photography on a whole.  It was my Grandad who taught me how to use a camera and take photographs, which I’ve enjoyed doing ever since.  I went onto getting my own camera and later making animation videos using lego, which lead to me wanting to go into the film industry when I was older.

 Whats your creative background?

I think my creative background truly flared when I was involved in creating a film at my school, which I helped film and edit.  It was this which then inspired me to take Media Studies – which I have thoroughly enjoyed for the past two years.  It’s been extremely interesting to learn about different aspects of the Media such as advertising, magazines and my favourite – films.

Who inspires you both locally and universally?

Well as I mentioned earlier – it was my Grandad who introduced the camera to me – so he is my personal inspiration.  However, I think two of my biggest inspirations are J.K Rowling and Steve Jobs.  Although I adore what both of them have created, it’s not their products which have inspired me,  it’s their work ethic.  They both had dreams and they both achieved them, because of how they never gave up – no matter what life threw at them.

What would you like to achieve in the future?

The dream which I want to achieve in the future is to work in the film industry, preferably as a director – however, I’d be happy just getting into the industry itself.  I think that everyone needs a dream, be it an achievable dream or not – everyone needs something to motivate them.

Can you recommend a creative website you love?

Besides Creatabot (of course!) – I think one Creative Website I’ve become particularly prone to visiting is Instagram, as I adore looking at photos.  I did used to enjoy the Photo editing website Picnik – as it offered users the chance to create stunning photos, for free!  However, it had to close down last month – unfortunately.

Thank you Jack for telling us more about yourself, we look forward to reading your articles!


You can find Jack on Twitter – @jrburrows

Tumblr –

And his blog on Blogspot –

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