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The Power of the Pen – By Jack Burrows

Written language is probably one of the most complicated languages known to the world, as well as one of the most influential.  Words written onto paper by an author can change someones opinion, influence a decision, or simply…inspire!  Literature can bring someone to tears, or force them into hysterics.  The beautiful thing about literature – is it will never die out, but always evolve.  Authors scribe the thoughts that we cannot put into words.

One of my personal inspirations, as I mentioned in my interview when I joined Creatabot – is J.K. Rowling.  There are three main reasons I admire her. 

Firstly, she is a talented contemporary author who’s story lines never failed to surprise.  The Harry Potter series was extremely successful due to the immense amount of time that Rowling spent planning each individual story line – it all entwined so perfectly by the end of the series. 

Secondly, Rowling was dedicated to her books.  Despite having her book rejected by publishers, she carried on trying until finally it was published for all the world to see!  Her dedication to the world of Harry Potter was much wider than the books – we only see a snippet of the magical world she created in the books, but there is so much more. 

Finally, she has been the foundation of a generation’s childhood.  She will be an author that in many decades time, my generation will be talking of “that Harry Potter book we read when we were kids”.  The franchise will not be easily forgotten.  J.K. Rowling has created a world for children to delve into with their imaginations.  A world that they can all be a part of.  She has inspired so many, for obvious reasons.

Creative Writing is something that should be more encouraged in schools, and outside of class.  Pupils are filled with facts and information most of their childhood.  It certain subjects, imagination is highly limited.  If children are given the chance to write a creative writing piece of their own, their imaginations are unleashed and their pen will not lift off the page.  You are only a child for a short period of time, why should something as important as your imagination be restricted?

It may seem that the people who change the world around us, are the people we see on television making speeches to hundreds and thousands.  The people who stride with confidence, with their opinion on show.  It’s easy to forget, however, that the speeches they make, the opinions they give have usually been written and prepared earlier before being put into a speech.

Authors have the power to change the world.  Word by word.

By Jack Burrows

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One comment on “The Power of the Pen – By Jack Burrows

  1. Maria Clare Burrows

    Another excellent piece of writing. Well done Jack. xxx

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