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Fir Trees Productions – An Insight by Jack Burrows

Over the past week, I’ve been bombarding any friends I can with a link to my new YouTube channel, ‘Fir Trees Productions’.  After begging everyone I could to retweet links, or share links – I had my Eureka moment, and thought I would write an article explaining Fir Trees Productions, to the best of my ability.

About ten years ago, my Grandfather bought me my first camera – and since then, myself and several of my close friends began making videos.  With a camera, tripod and of course the almighty Windows Movie Maker – we aimed to be Speilberg’s over the Summer Holidays.  Of course, it took us years to realise that our films were enjoyable, and hilarious for us to watch, but not for a mass audience.  We started out with a slight obsession, making Doctor Who spoofs – with myself playing The Doctor…extremely badly.  But we pioneered on, and it was this which lead me to take Media Studies at A-level and begin to gain a more professional filming knowledge.

From the days of creating spoof videos, it has been an ambition to set up a popular YouTube channel, to launch ourselves into the filmmaking world.  Unfortunately, myself nor my friends have never had the time to do so.  Until now – I’ve finally plucked up the courage to take a break from my education, and take a gap year.

Our plan at the moment, in our early stages of creating this filming group – is simply to create our own videos, upload them to YouTube and then hopefully entertain as many people as possible.  These videos could consist of product advertisement mock-ups, trailers, short films, music videos and anything else you can think of!  I can also say, we are always open to suggestions regarding creating certain types of video.

I’d like to say an aim of this would be to finally make a form of career out of it, and be able to create a video for companies to advertise their products or something similar.  But for now, we shall simply show off our talent.  Seen as we are merely a small independent filming group, you can see why any support would be extremely helpful!  So if you’re reading this, it would be appreciated if you’d take a look at our YouTube Chanel, our Facebook page and our Twitter.

Below are our two videos for you to watch, and then right at the bottom is any links you may need! (I have to apologise for the quality of our first video which was uploaded – it was simply a test of our new camera, so was never meant for upload.  But we didn’t want an empty YouTube channel!)

Heres our links – Please take a look!




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  1. Maria Clare Burrows

    Just brilliant xxx

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