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Britten and Ireland – Ruth Dent Exhibition – a Review by Georgina Simmonds and Jessica Knight

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Britten and Ireland – Ruth Dent Exhibition – a Review by Georgina Simmonds

Ruth Dent is an artist whose work was recently exhibited in the Nucleus Art Gallery. Her work incorporates vivid colours and hidden meanings. The two collections that we were able to view on Wednesday 22nd April were both inspired by pieces of music. Dent told us that she used various techniques, including throwing paint.

The first series, which were somewhat brighter than the series inspired by the “War Requiem”, by Benjamin Britton, captured one of the four seasons in each painting.

The first series was inspired by a piece of organ music called “Te Deum” by John Ireland. Whilst painting each piece, Ruth used colours that she felt represented the seasons; for example, in L’Hiver, TheWinter, she utilised greys and blues to represent the pale colours of winter and also left more blank space to re present the starkness of this month.

My favourite piece was “Requiem Aeternam,” which was the primary piece of the series inspired by “War Requiem.” In my opinion, this is the darkest piece of the series. Dent has used deep reds and a dark brown, both of which remind me of the death and horrible conditions of the battlefield.

The majority of the shapes are what Dent drew when listening to the music in Aachen, when her son was singing in a choir. What’s more, Wilfred Owen’s influential poems have influenced the shapes made in this piece. although this piece looks simple, I loved it because when you look closer so much effort has obviously gone into it.

In conclusion, this exhibition was both interesting and insightful.

Georgina with Dent's artwork

Georgina with Dent’s artwork “Requiem Aeternam”

Britten and Ireland – Ruth Dent Exhibition – a Review by Jessica Knight

On Wednesday the 22nd of April I went to a Nucleus Arts exhibit showing Ruth Dents print maker art. There were two exhibits, she did one set on beautiful war music. She did a set of ten prints on the music, each part of the music has their own print. All of the prints tell a different story about the war. She also did a set of four all about music that represents the seasons, the seasons paintings were made into scarfs and Ruth Dent set up a website all about pictures with her scarfs.


Ruth Dent gave me a talk all about her work and how she creates her art. When she listens to the music she just moved the paint in the shapes that appear in her head putting in colour after colour, but she said the trickiest thing is knowing when to stop. She also said that she loved to watch the paint mix and swirl but she dreads that it will go brown!
I would definitely recommend this exhibition, I absolutely loved it and Ruth Dent! 

Jessica with her favourite artwork “Requiem Aeternam”.

The above reviews by Jessica and Georgina were written for their Arts Award, which they are working towards at Nucleus Arts, Chatham.



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    Loved reading your reviews

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