How To Express Your Opinions In a Fair way – By Megan Martin

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Photo By Caden Crawford

How to express your opinions in a fair way

In a time where we are happy to post our thoughts on social media, it is important we know how to justify our views to avoid conflict online. No matter what you believe in, someone somewhere is going to disagree which is one thing we must always remember, everyone will have to back themselves up at some point in their lives and nobody should ever be made to feel that their view is wrong.

Justifying opinions and work is a part of life; students have to back up their work with references, reporters and writers have to express their opinions without offending their readers and artists have to back themselves up when explaining their work and profession for those who may disagree.

If you think you could improve the way in which you voice your opinions, read on.

5 Easy Steps to Expressing Yourself

  1. Support your opinion with more than one point– it is perfectly normal to want to voice your opinion but make sure you back it up with good reasons, this shows other people that you know what you are talking about and it is something important to you, whereas if you did not justify your view someone else could quite easily target you online or face to face.

  2. Consider other people’s beliefs and opinions– this is a very important step in expressing yourself fairly, everyone has their own view which is slightly different and if you want to share yours, you have to respect other people and consider how it might affect them. You should never post something that is going to target a specific person or group of people and hurt their feelings or make them feel threatened.

  3. Explain– if you are going to share your opinion it is important to explain why you believe that. You must explain why you have that opinion but in a calm and polite way without shutting someone else’s down completely. People are more likely to accept your view if you are able to back yourself up.

  4. Use the right wording– the language you use is a big part of expressing yourself, you need to be careful of how you come across, especially online where you can be so easily misunderstood. For example, if there is a particular person or celebrity that you really dislike, instead of ranting about how terrible you think that person is and trying to convince everyone else to start hating that same person, you can calmly voice your opinion using the points above as a guideline but accept that other people may not feel the same, this way you can avoid offending others and causing problems for yourself. This leads me on to my fifth and final point.

  5. Find a balance between passive and aggressive– when you express your opinion, particularly on social media, you are voicing your views to the world. You should never allow someone to tell you that your opinion is wrong and at the same time you should never tell someone else that theirs is wrong. Finding a balance between the two will allow you to both defend yourself but also accept others which you should always do if you expect the same back.

Written by Megan Martin as part of her Bronze arts award.

Do you have your own thoughts about expressing your opinions? If so please comment below.

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