Play and Interactive Artwork


A free walk-through experience for all ages

See Peace Differently

5 Eyes 

5 ways of looking

5 ways of thinking about Peace

Journey through 5 giant eyes to explore local and national actions for Peace.

Play with responsive artworks from around the UK.

Think about what Peace feels like to you and your community.

Find out what we can do today to bring Peace one step closer.

Think Big.

See More.

Peace is a doing word,

What will you do?

Blink will be on tour on the following dates:

9 November Dewsbury, Market Square, WF13 1DN
16 November Burslem Stoke, ST6 4AT
23 NovemberPeterborough, Cathedral Square, PE1 1XB
30 November Sheerness, Beach St Park, ME12 1RE 5pm to 9pm

Eye 4 was commissioned to Natasha Steer by Young Producers in partnership with Ideas Test.



     A collection of precious ideas to build with

     The challenge to sail together

     The challenge of what’s needed on the journey

Inspired by the water and stories that flow around the Isle of Sheppey to Swale and Medway beyond. This land has sheltered populations in pursuit of peace, from the Huguenots seeking refuge in the 17th Century through to their 21st Century counterparts.

created by artist Natasha Steer

commissioned by Katherine Pegler, Solomon Dada, Sathyapriyan Mohan, Jasmine Ee, David Adeyemi, Chris Page, Shannon Cole, Ebony Myles-Macauley, Ramona Giles.

in partnership with Ideas Test – increasing arts participation for everyone in Swale and Medway as Creative People and Places 

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