Breaking Point – Private View Photography Exhibition – LV21 – Gillingham – 10th of December

Creative and Art Events

“Breaking point” is an group exhibition exploring personal identity in relation to trauma.

Located in Gillingham, Kent on board Light Vessel 21 ( takes place ‘Breaking Point’, the exhibition containing work from five photographic artists; Isobella Oakes, Samia Meah, Victoria Tennent, Roman Nikonoff and Alina Makarova.

The vessel is a truly unique, cultural facility. Historically this space has endured its share of damage. Back in 1981 she was involved in a terrible collision, but luckily not beyond repair, and was fully restored and returned to service. This is why ‘Breaking Point’ will be held onboard this venue, as the damage it has endured is a physical representation of the theme psychological trauma which embodies the work of all five artists.

This exhibition provides a real combination of the visual and sound to produce an atmospheric narrative of emotions, feelings, shapes and signs. Each artist will present their work in a carefully chosen space of the ship which physically relates to their own visual narrative. Ranging from quite open, bright spaces to confined, psychologically threatening dark spaces, the venue invokes imagination and enhances the idea of the breaking point.

The interiors of the Light Vessel will be transformed into a passage of informative atmospheric and even mystic spaces, each one of them being unique and representing each body or work of a concrete author.

Warm clothes and flat shoes are recommended.

Unfortunately no disabled access.

Place : Light Vessel 21 Gillingham Pier, Pier Approach Road

Time : 10th December · 18:00 – 21:00

Please visit for more information.

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