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Stephen Walls is Creative Director of Tomorrow People – a Digital and Marketing Communication consultancy that aims to help promote creative people and their businesses. We spoke to Steve to find out some more about Tomorrow People.

So Steve, how long has Tomorrow people been running?

Over the past eleven years we have been working with some of the UK’s leading companies.

What is its main aim?

As a well established design and marketing consultancy, we’re practised at creating and capturing customer interest – and transforming it into action. We are a close-knit team of designers, writers, marketers, SEO specialists and web experts. Together we deliver uniquely inspired solutions in design, web development, video, online marketing, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising.

What made you want to set up the company?

I draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Being aware of your environment for me is essential. I would love the chance to rebrand the city of Birmingham. It has been my local city for over 20 years and I have seen massive urban development during that time however I feel this positive approach to the city has not resonated through to the overall visual style and design of its identity.

Are you a creative yourself?

My normal workflow is ideas, communication, creation and more communication. I cannot live without Photoshop, After Effects and Indesign

What do you think about Social Media sites?

We have been doing Social Media Marketing for nearly a year now, and the amount of leads we get is extra-ordinary!

Did you study for your trade or are you self-taught?


Who has been the most inspiring company to work with?

We are in talks with Harley Davidson regarding the development of their members website H.O.G. – Harley Owners Group. They have been hugely inspirational!

What would you really like to develop in the future?

It is two-pronged; to consolidate our current client base through continual meeting and hopefully exceeding their expectations and drive the business forward through ongoing marketing with the aim of attracting new clients.

Can you recommend an inspiring website?

Thank you for speaking to us Steve!

You can find out more about Tomorrow People at

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