An Experiment In Creating A Virtual Creative Community

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Throughout April 2011 Philip Kane plans on running an experiment to try answering the following question:  What impact can the development of a virtual community have on a real world creative community?

The aim is to stimulate creative connections, by populating a single area within the virtual world of Second Life with creative people from the same real world geographical area, ie (in this case) from Medway, Kent.  The participants will be encouraged to interact, network and create in the virtual environment.  The effects on real life creativity and creative networks will be discussed at the end of the one-month trial.

For the purposes of this experiment Philip has established a partnership with the owners of a location in Second Life called Spinwheel City.  This is an urban zone that already includes an art gallery, a functioning theatre, a cinema, bars and cafe’s, shops etc.

There are no costs at all involved for participants in the project.

You will be given guidance on joining Second Life with a free account, and on setting up your virtual life; workspaces, shops and so on can be provided rent-free in Spinwheel City.  In the course of the month there will be a number of classes “inworld” to help enhance your experience and interaction with the virtual environment.

Philip will also organise networking events, exhibitions and so on during April to help things along.

If you are a Medway-based creative, and you are interested in being a participant and helping to create a “Virtual Creative Medway” then email Philip Kane to discuss it further.

About Philip Kane

Philip Kane has been active in Second Life for over 3 years; his creative businesses in the virtual world include the Pleasure Principle art gallery, the Ubu Theatre, and the Little Red Bookshop.  See

Launched in 2004, Second Life is a huge 3D virtual environment in which all content is user-generated.  It contains thousands of clubs, galleries, shops, museums, libraries, theatres and cinemas, etc.

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