False Realties – Exhibition by Christina Lai at UCA Gallery – Chatham – August to December 2011

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Discover the curious world of False Realities, Christina Lai’s ceramics and mixed media art at UCA gallery near scenic historic Rochester, Kent. Having recently exhibited at New Designers in London, Christina’s work will featured in the newly opened gallery, along with artists of diverse mediums (painting, printing, sculpture, digital art, photography, fashion and textiles) from campuses of University for the Creative Arts. 

Drawing from past experiences with anorexia nervosa and obsessive compulsive disorder, she creates painstakingly hand-built and slipcast pieces that are deeply personal;  reflecting the struggles of being trapped within a psychological state of ‘false reality’.

“My definition of false realities encompasses fantasy, ritual, obsession, sanctuary and escapism. The danger is when overindulgence in them leads to one being trapped within this false existence, unable to return to reality. This element of addictive desire to escape from the responsibilities of everyday life pertains to all of us,” says the Chinese designer maker from Orpington, Kent and a recent Applied Arts graduate.

The featured work Untitled consists of small stoneware enclosed forms reminiscent of the textures of nature, such as nuts, shells, barnacles and spikes. Each form conveys an instinctive emotion with their earthy glaze and hand formed surface decoration. The work serves as a metaphor for safe protection of false realities, paradoxically contrasted with the unsettling invasion of bacterial disease and decay. 

It is the unique interpretation of her subject that makes the repulsive curiously beautiful. 

Besides providing a platform for UCA students, emerging local and national artists, UCA gallery aims to preserve the arts community through creative workshops and networking. 

For more information on Christina’s work please contact  07906 388510 or email christinalai@talktalk.net. Furthermore Christina is a freelance writer of visual arts and culture – visit http://christinas-anatomy.blogspot.com/

For queries on UCA Gallery, contact Sebastian or Marta at 07551037695 or email uca.popupgallery@gmail.com

August-December 2011

UCA Gallery 

Unit 67

114 – 116 Pentagon Centre
Kent  ME4 4HW

Opening times: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 10am-6pm

Area:  South East

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