Sedimental – 25th August to 11th November 2011 – Rochester Art Gallery

Creative and Art Events

Sedimental is a journey of (re)discovery for artist Stephen Turner; an exploration of significance in nature and a reflection on how this can be incorporated into his work. Sedimental includes an exhibition, off-site installation, workshop and public events that explore layers of meaning surrounding the Medway estuary, which have been a continual fascination to the artist during a 16-year association with the river.

For Turner, the Medway estuary reconnects people in our ever increasing urban lives to the pulsing heart of nature. He examines threads interweaving geology with history, flora with fauna, hydrology and river archaeology, purity with contamination and other such contrasts that make being beside this stretch of tidal water an enlightening and enriching experience.

The estuary’s rich story, animated by people and defined by place over time is the subject of Turner’s intimate conversation and impetus for connection, using the oldest and newest technologies – the muddy clay itself and digital audio and video in collaboration with the river, its histories and its people.

Rochester Art Gallery’s Craft Case will be showcasing an archival display of selected works and objects by Stephen Turner at Rochester Art Gallery and Craft Case, Medway Visitor Information Centre, 95 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1LX.

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