Local Artists From The Past Exhibition – Strood Library – May to July 2012

Creative and Art Events

Medway libraries in Kent are hosting an exhibition about forgotten artists of the Medway area during May and June. The exhibition covers the work of artists between 1850 and 1950 including Richard Dadd, Henry Hopper, Charles Spencelayh, Donald Maxwell, Frank Algernon Stewart, Henry Hill and Evelyn Dunbar. 

Their lives were as event-filled as they were varied, as two of the artists worked during war time and produced war inspired by their experiences. If you were thinking that there were no artists in the Medway until the 1970s, this exhibition proves otherwise! The exhibition will be at Strood library during May and will move onto Wigmore library at the beginning of June where it will stay until mid-July. 

If you are interested in exhibiting your own work, Strood library is one of three libraries in Medway that holds an exhibition space that is available for use by local artists for free. These are Strood, Wigmore and Rainham libraries. If you have any questions about this exhibition or the exhibition space, please call Strood library on 01634 335890  

Area – South East

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