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Andy Farr Brings the Spirit of the Olympics to Leamington – 17th to 5th August 2012 – Leamington Spa

“The power of the sprinter; the poise of the gymnast; the joy of victory; the exhilaration of the dive; the agony of defeat; the audacity of the high jumper… Every sport has its own unique rhythm, its own secret pattern, its own code.”

After the success of his solo show ‘The Space Between in 2011, Andy Farr will be bringing the spirit of the Olympics to Gallery150, in Leamington Spa.

After a period of experimentation with abstract landscapes and cityscapes, the artist, who returned to painting in 2008, after what he refers to as “a brief pause of twenty years”, has shifted his focus to capturing the essence of movement. This fascination has led to a series of works inspired by carousels, dance, horse racing and sport. The artist begins each work by watching a slow-motion film of the subject to isolate the underlying rhythms, which he sketches then builds into a pictorial composition.

In the ‘Rhythms in Motion’ exhibition, which runs from 17th July-5th August 2012, this highly experimental artist will be presenting a series of works inspired by sport, movement and the emotions and achievements of athletes.  In an impressive play of brushstrokes, depth, colour and light, this series of considered works show echoes of Kandinsky, Boccioni and Rothko, culminating in a complex blend of styles and textures, that hover on a line between Abstract Expressionism, Cubism and Futurism.

The private view of the Rhythms in Motion exhibition will be held on 17th July from 7pm.

Venue: Gallery150, Regent Court Shopping Centre, 9 Livery Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4NP.

Opening times: Tuesday- Saturday from 11am- 6pm and Sunday 11am- 4pm.

Area: West Midlands

About Musing on Spines

Sarah Silver has over 20 years of experience in various sectors including, art, design, fashion, IT, communication, import/export and publishing. Although originally from Warwickshire, Sarah lived for 19 years in Italy, where she gained extensive knowledge in the commercial, public relations, marketing, publishing and press sector, as well as running, organising and curating design events and art exhibitions for private companies and her own business ventures. During this period she was involved in the start-up of three companies and also attended EU-funded marketing and sales courses. In 2009, she set-up the Musing on Spines art blog, which now has over 400 visitors per month. On returning to the UK, in 2010, she co-founded BRINK, a not-for-profit contemporary arts organisation, based in Kenilworth, where she worked until March 2012. From 2010-2012, she also worked for Leamington Studio Artists (LSA), in the role of curator, press officer and newsletter editor, as well as being an active committee member. In February 2012, Sarah founded Bastian Contrarian, a new company that promotes emerging and established artists, providing tailored, sector-specific media and PR services to artists, galleries and arts organisations. For the past twelve years she has been working as a PR, events organiser, freelance arts writer, curator, journalist and translator, with articles and poetry published worldwide.

2 comments on “Andy Farr Brings the Spirit of the Olympics to Leamington – 17th to 5th August 2012 – Leamington Spa

  1. Rachel Dee

    Wow nice stuff , reminds me so much of a UK Subs vinyl sleeve i picked up the other day, no disc but i bought it for the artwork. Diminished Responsibility. Makes me want to get the disc now.

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