THE BIG DRAW – 1st to 31st October 2012 – Location: The World!

Creative and Art Events

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. It has grown into a month-long festival running throughout October in all parts of the UK. Every year more organisers across the world join the Big Draw family and run drawing events to engage their communities in creative activities.

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Big Draw organisers include educators at national, regional and local museums, galleries, heritage sites, libraries, parks, schools, shopping and community centres. Everyone is welcome to run their own Big Draw.

Find out more about this year’s theme, 2012 in Lines

Big Draw, Big Make kicks off the 2012 Big Draw season at the Victoria and Albert Museum on 30th September. Free pop-up studios and workshops, led by some of the UK’s top artists and designers, will encourage visitors of all ages to become illustrators, architects, fashion or product designers for the day.

Drawing Inspiration Awards are presented to the most innovative and engaging events. They are sponsored by the Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust and NADFAS. Visit Drawing in Action to see the latest winners and exciting examples from previous years.

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