Maidstone Film Fest 2012 + Call For Submissions

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The hottest film festival this side of Cannes. This November Maidstone Film Fest 2012 will be coming to Stepping Stone Studios!

Day 1: Cinematic Culture Festival

Day 2: An exhibition of film: ‘The Progression of Cinema’
Day 3: Young film makers day
Day 4: A future in film
Day 5: The Nest
Day 6: European Cinema 
Day 7: British Cinema

Day one will explore international cinema confronting political issues through documentary. Meet the groups behind the documentaries; celebrate diversity and enjoy authentic native West Indian celebration and dishes!

The Progression of Cinema will explore the rich history of moving image. From the progression of audio/video technologies to the evolution of film and narrative storytelling, this day will explore the milestones that have swept the medium of cinema from silent movie to the influential pop spectacle that is today.

The young film makers day will be the chance to view the submissions of talented young film makers from the South East. They are calling for animations, short films, documentaries to enter into the First Film Development Award (for more info please contact Stepping Stone Studios). They will also be holding the Welikewhatwesee party in the evening – a crazy night of the coolest music videos of the last 10 years!

A Future in Film will begin with an 11am brunch networking session. Four industry experts will join us and share their knowledge and experience in a Q&A session, and the winning film makers from the previous days event will be screened.

‘The Nest’ is a chance for people to nestle on down and enjoy a chilled Sunday of film entertainment in its most popular form – Blockbusters! Think Hollywood; think popcorn, think bean bags and classic quotes. You will have the chance to vote on the Facebook page during the run up to this day and suggest a classic film to watch!

Monday will be European Cinema day. In this section they will have a look at independent cinema from European directors. Spanning a wide range of countries, this section is not for the faint of heart! Watch alternative films you never thought you’d see. Screenings will run til late!

The festival will be rounded off with a day long review of the best British film! From classics to contemporary, there’s no better way to round off the film festival than via a celebration of the groundbreaking of British cinema!


Area: South East

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