Have a taste of coworking: from 15th to 31st October – Rochester

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Being a coworker is great.  Really awesomely great and we want more people to come and find out what it’s like.  So, for the last two weeks of October we’re making it free.  Yep, that’s right, free.  That means you can come and work as often as you like over that two week period and just get a feel for what we’re all about.

But what are we all about?  Well, we’re a space where ideas happen, mostly.  It is a place of work, but it’s also a place of laughter with a distinctly social vibe.  We’re not like a serviced office space, we clean up after ourselves, take the rubbish to the tip, clean the toilets, but that’s all part of what makes it everyone’s.  We also have a pretty impressive range of tea. 
The great thing about working with other people doing such a wide variety of things, is when you have the dreaded “I have no idea how to solve this problem” moment, there’s usually people willing to help you figure it out, and having such varied brains usually makes the result even better.So why not come down and see for yourself?
 We’re open 10-6 Monday – Saturday and til 10 on Wednesdays.  There’s often stuff going on at the weekends to, from workshops to social stuff. 
Come down anytime between 15th and 31st October, but please do let us know you’re coming in advance by getting in touch via cofwd161@gmail.com and we’ll stick the kettle on. 
By Louise at coFWD
coFWD is at 161 High Street, Rochester, Kent.


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