Exhibition By Fraser Peek – Singapora Lounge – 7th to 10th April – Rochester

Creative and Art Events


An exhibition by designer Fraser Peek is taking place between the 7-10th April at the Singapora Lounge in Rochester.

The opening night is on the 7th of April from 6pm.

Fraser Peek is a Rochester based artist who takes inspiration from traditional tattoo art, graphic design, nature, religion, politics and anything else that sparks an emotion within him.

‘I often create artwork from ideas that i think will look good structurally. I’m not looking at creating art with a deep hidden meaning, if anything I want my pictures to slap the viewer in the face – be it with their simple beauty or their symbolic references that may or may not provoke some kind of awareness or emotion.’ – Fraser Peek

Crow - By Francis Peek

Crow – By Francis Peek

Area:   South East    Medway    Kent

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