Art Vending Machine For Medway – Lets Do This!

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So…Leeds have recently been featured on the BBC news website  regarding their new art vending machine, and fellow creatives here in Medway think it is only fair Medway and Kent have one too. So lets make it happen.

Included in the vending machine could be art as seen in the BBC link.

Also poetry like this carried out here:

The machine could tour round different venues and events 🙂 it would be so cool!

Any other ideas?

I am apprehensive to start an official crowd funder yet. It would be great to generate interest then ask people to send the money to a certain Paypal address – or just pay in cash at selected venues in Medway.

Ed Jennings has kindly worked out we need around £200 to buy a machine and the initial containers for the machine.

Can people who are willing to support financially, even a few £  –  please add a comment or email me?

Thanks guys! And thank you to Richard Jeferies for the encouragement to do this! 🙂

Natasha x

12 thoughts on “Art Vending Machine For Medway – Lets Do This!

  1. Natasha. Make me a simple poster and I will put it up at the deaf cat and can definitely talk people into contributing. I’ll stick in a few quid too for sure.

  2. natasha. if you can make a simple poster i will put it up at the deaf cat and convince people to donate. and i will stick a few quid in myself! matt bray xx

  3. Hi, sounds fab. Count me in and a little from Sun Pier House CIC – we’d love to develop a similar idea to utilise the holes in the walls where the ATM machines used to be!

      1. names:
        1. Vend it like……
        2. Vendetta.
        3. Ofvended.
        5.Vendy House.
        9.Vend-or …..?
        10.Vend over.
        11.Vend for yourself.

        just a few from Angela Dye.

        1. Hi Angela, we settled on a name, and the machine is now part of Fuse, but I have only had time to put details on Facebook so far, please find us at Creatabot Southeast or the vending machines Page – CreataboX (the name we chose!) 🙂 there shall be more machines though, so I will keep your comments here 🙂

  4. vendriloquist [ I like this if its poetry…you know, projecting your voice from a hole in the wall.My favourite one so far if I may say so.

    vend -tititilate .[ like ventilate….. breathe life into …..and entertain] or Vend till late

    VendiTate [like vindicate but with Tate]

    I really will stop. Just having some fun just before bed….but I have only just warmed up !

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