A Big Thank You To The Survived Team!

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We had great fun making the site responsive theatre show – Survived.

I want to say a big thank you to the following people, who I really look forward to working with again – because they are awesome! Also thank you to all who came, we really appreciated it and we hope that these events can get better and better over time, with more and more interesting locations. Thank you to everyone that wrote scripts for the recordings too, and those who helped with recordings.

Thank you also to everyones help and support with Survived, I think you are all brilliant! 

Chris Reed – Actress – Hippy patient

Ciaran McKay – Actor – Light treatment room

Colin Marrison – Filming

Dave Norris – Actor – Coffee machine repair/swabbing

Dee Hudson – Actress – Extra Sensory Nurse

Isabella Jeferies – Emily

Katie Charlton – Actress – Angela

Lance Philips – Actor – Coffee machine repair

Lee Philips – Props

Luka Lukasik – Actor – Hydro Therapy

Nick Shannon – Assistant and receptionist

Nikki Price – Photographer and actress – Waiting Room Assistant

Richard Jeferies – Actor – Professor Smith

Riven Gray – Make up and actress – Counselling Services

Roy Smith – Audio recordings and actor – Waiting Room supervisor

Sam Froudist – Stage Manager

Sarah Hehir – Script and actress – Probe Nurse

Sophie Williams – Actress – Mad swabbing lady

Thomas Kelly – Actor – Hydro Wave Therapy

Look forward to the next show! 😉

Natasha Steer

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