Catch Up With The Contributors!

Creative and Art News

The lovely Creatabot contributors have been very busy in their creative adventures, so I thought it would be nice to have a little catch up with some of them and see what they are up to!


“I’m currently working on a new body of work in preparation for my first solo show which is scheduled to open around Halloween this year in Bocs Gallery [] in Caernarfon, North Wales, so I’m locked away in the studio drawing lots of birds and skulls!

My day job in MOSTYN [] takes up the rest of time, its Wales leading contemporary art gallery, and I’m currently co-managing the shop which specialises in contemporary applied art and craft, so I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by lots of inspiring artwork and craft.” – Badge

Jane Ayres

Lots of change in the pipeline for Jane.  Her contract for University Centre Folkestone (part of Canterbury Christ Church University) as Marketing & Outreach Coordinator ends in July, when, sadly, UCF will no longer exist, with academic courses moving back to Canterbury. Although Jane will be teaching a few hours a week from September on the BA Creative and Professional Writing, she will be taking on freelance projects in the creative industries and is open to new ideas and challenges.  She’s also doing a few talks and workshops locally, including work for Stepping Stone Studios.  For more info on these go to

Jack Burrows

” I’m currently volunteering at a company in Sheffield called Trivoloution, I’m doing all of their marketing for them.  So that’s rather exciting!  Also, as you know – I’ve been doing filming projects and things with a couple of friends with Fir Trees Productions – which has been slow, I must admit – but we’ve simply been planning anything we can…and attempting to gain clients whom we can create adverts for.  (Including my volunteer work, we have 2 clients which is great!).  As for future plans, I’m hoping all this experience, as well as my A-levels from last year will get me into University, when I re-apply in September for Marketing & Advertising”. – Jack

Really glad everyone is busy with creativity! Keep it up! – Natasha x

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