Local artists are given a chance to promote their work for £1 a day – Ashford

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David Hover

The Community Crafts Centre on Ashford High Street has started offering artists an opportunity to promote their work for a month for £30. That’s about £1 a day!

Artists will exhibit their work at the Community Crafts Centre on 27 High Street Ashford for a whole month including an open viewing event with cheese and wine. They offer to market the event as much as possible through social media channels and email marketing; they will promote through word of mouth and even work hard to sell some of your work (for a small commission).

Betsy Aidinyantz founder of Joining Hands who runs the Community Crafts Centre had this to say:

With Ashford Festival of Arts and Technology around the corner we want to show people how many talented artists and creative people there are in Ashford. To help Ashford Town get back its vibrancy we need to focus on local people and local businesses. Even small things like helping an emerging Ashford artist sell some work can have a really positive effect on our town.”

Last month the Community Crafts Centre exhibited the work of local contemporary artist and craftsman David Hover. David Hover is a member of Ashford Visual Artists and was very happy with the success of his exhibition. He said:

The Community Crafts Centre is a little gem on Ashford High Street! The support I have received from the staff while my artwork has been on display there is fantastic. I’m sure the gallery will continue to grow in Ashford as there are many artists in need of a gallery space such as this. I just hope more artists such as me will benefit from the Community Crafts Centre.”

The Community Crafts Centre is looking for more artists to take up slots in July and August as well as throughout the year. If you are interested you can call Betsy on 07837 896122 or email info@communitycraftscentre.org to find out more.

Area:  South East

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