Microworld Margate – 1st to 3rd November 2013 – Margate

Creative and Art Events


  • Friday 1st Nov 2013 6pm-9pm / Continueing  Sat + Sun 12-4pm
  • Marine Studios . 17 Albert Terrace . Margate . CT9 1UJ
  • Experience a digital ecosystem which fills the Marine Studios with many living artworks. Engage with a futuristic immersive sound and light show. Trigger cascades of activity around the room as pieces react to your presence.
  • Genetic Moo will discuss their plans for Microworld and you can find out how to get involved in a future large scale project in Thanet.
    Microworld Margate includes art works by Genetic Moo, Magz Hall & Jim Backhouse, Sean Clark, Jockel Liess, Leona Jones, Ron Hagel, Julia Schauerman & others. Come and play in a digital wonderland!
  • For more details or information on getting involved contact us at info@geneticmoo.com

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