Variance – Call Out For Young People Interested In Photography – Medway

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Photographer Rickard Osterlund is looking for people aged 16-21 with an interest in photography…


This workshop is open to people aged 16-21 in Medway who are into alternative music and/or fashion! You might be into Metal, sleaze-rock or MCR, or dabelling in cosplay. You might love pop, but – as the title suggests – black will feature prominently in your wardrobe. In this workshop you will explore professional photography techniques and you get to keep all the images you take!


This workshop will introduce you to studio lighting and the way it can change the mood of photographs. This workshop does not require any special skills and you don’t need to bring any special equipment or fancy cameras! It doesn’t even matter if you are interested in photography – hopefully you will be after the workshop! We will try several different setups and everyone will get hands on experience taking pictures and you will get to keep copies of all the images you take. Equipment will be provided along with props, backgrounds and cool locations. At the end of the workshop we will look at Photoshop and the way this is used to enhance images.

Open to individuals aged 16-21, living in Medway/Swale.

The next workshop is Saturday the 9th November 2013 , starting at 13:00.



In the weeks after the workshops I am looking for people interested in collaborating with a professional photographer on a portrait. You will be involved in all the decision making and get copies of the pictures.

We will discuss your ideas in detail and then arrange for a time and place for a session. I will then take your portrait in the clothing and a location you’ve chosen; you will be directly involved in the process throughout, so in a sense it is a self-portrait. Please note that you DO NOT have to attend the above workshops to take part in this collaboration or vice versa, e-mail me directly to register your interest –

By Rickard Osterlund

This project is funded by Creative People and Places Swale and Medway.

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