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What do you get if you mix 108 artists, 2 decks of cards, 3 charities and an idea from a night-time road worker?

The answer is an awesome project that has inspired people to be creative from Sydney Australia to Strood, Kent and places in between.

Hand of Artists is a project created from Mr Duncan Grant who is a road worker by night and an Artist by day from Gravesend. “I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if we got 54 different artists together and asked each one to design a different playing card,’ explains Duncan Grant local artist. ‘When I got home I posted the idea on Face book and within 48-hours we had so much interest that we had to commission two packs.”

After asking two strangers on the street to shuffle the packs, Grant randomly dealt each participant a card. “There are very few rules,” says Grant. “Everyone must stick with the card that they are given, the suit and the number of the card must be clearly visible and the size of the design must be A6, other than that the artists have free reign.”

Grant is aided in the organisation of the project by fellow Kent artist Victoria Hayman “What I love about the project is the variety,” says Hayman. “Participants are being really inventive, some are researching what the history of the card is, the meaning of the suit and the numbers and interpreting them in their own style. We have some people doing digital designs, others are drawing or painting and some are using fabric or glass.”

The project will culminate in a series of exhibitions in Chatham, Gravesend and Margate, where the final card designs will be on display and packs of artisanal cards, printed from the original designs, will be on sale to the public also side original work from artists and other wonderful things for auction. “We are hoping to print at least 500 packs of cards and the proceeds from all the events will go to the art-based charities, Art Inclusive, Headway and Artract.

There will be various card related activities at the exhibitions and Hand of Artists are keen for visitors to get involved too. “At the exhibition we want visitors to have a go at designing their own cards and have them on display too,” says Grant.

The first exhibition will be held at Nucleus Arts 272 High Street Chatham ME4 4BP from the 4-8 July and admission is free.

We need to raise funds to get this project running in printing the artist artwork into playing cards to sell to raise money for the Local Art inclusive Charities.

Our creative outcome is that we wanted to inspire and challenge artist and non artist of all ages and back grounds to be creative, have fun and raise money for local art based charities. We wish to create lasting links between artists, charities and the wider community. Creating an original art project which is widely distributed cementing the important role of art as a force for good in the community.

Below are the links to the Project Website, Face book page where you will find the links to the Charities we are Supporting.

Thank you,

Hand Of Artists. Duncan Grant & Victoria Hayman.

Website: http://vikkihayman.wix.com/handofartist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HandOfArtists

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