Kent Creative Live Event – 24th April 2015 – Whitstable

Creative and Art Events


Kent Creative Live would like to invite you to their next Meet-up with the Lilford Gallery and Susimagin.

When and where:

  • Friday 24th April 2015 from 9:30am to 12:30
  • The Horsebridge Centre, 11 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, CT5 1AF

The programme of the day:

  • 09:15 Everyone arrives and chat with other attendees.
  • 09:40 Member slot: Susimagin – Susanna Rosti-Rossini: Finding your talent and nurturing your creative soul, also overcoming a possible creative block.
  • 10:10 One-to-ones between attendees randomly linked in pairs.
  • 10:35 David Lilford, from the Lilford Gallery, will provide a viewpoint from a commercial gallery: how to approach, how to show work. a note on curating, pricing and presentation. David will also talk about the way his gallery operates in the current climate.
  • 11:00 Full circle – opportunity for attendees to discuss a project/prototype/idea with the group.
  • 11:30 More chatting and networking. Very valuable time that is…
  • 12:30 Close


  • Non Members: £10
  • Members: £3.50 (enter your promotional code when booking to get a 65% discount off the full price).
  • First timers: £3.50


***Booking is essential*** so we can organise the room set up and order tea and coffee.
Next events:

  • The Basics of Social Media – Participating Group Event – 28th April – Faversham
  • Meet-up – 12th May – Faversham
  • Meet-up – 19th May – Margate
  • Meet-up – 29th May – Whitstable
  • Meet-up – 2nd June – Launch in Folkestone
  • Check the calendar of events for more

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