Owen Davies – Illuminated Icons – Illuminated Juxtaposition – Sun Pier House Chatham – 6th to 31st August 2015

Creative and Art Events

An exhibition of Owen Davies work which sees stunning art collaborating with light, is being held at Sun Pier House during August. 


The paintings themselves mix digital vinyl prints on plexiglass and back images that can be viewed through the transparent areas on the surface image. Each piece is illuminated from within by LEDs and function as wall hung lamps that bring dark spaces alive.The exhibition will open with a Private View on Thursday 6th August at 18:00,and run until the end of August.

Owen’s work explores and is deeply inspired by his faith in the teachings of Buddha. In particular he is interested in the wisdom teachings which deal with the ultimate nature of reality, emptiness.


“Everything we experience is a mere reflection of our mind and thus dependent upon it. In this respect my work is saturated with Buddhist imagery and symbolism, abstracted and seen through the prism of our busy modern, lives. I am increasingly influenced by this wisdom in relation to our environment. Unless we can understand how we are all interconnected in our fragile world and learn to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment we face very real danger or a planetary extinction event in our lifetime”.

Find out more at www.owendaviesart.com

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