Creative Glass Courses 2016 – Rochester

Creative and Art Events

Creative Glass are some what of a hidden secret in the Medway towns, and unless you are already trained within glass fusing most people wouldn’t know about the amazing courses the place has to offer. Mainly a glass work supplies store, based on the Medway City Estate, the company also offer workshops on unique ways to work with glass and silver clay. To find out more visit

My particular favourite from the courses on offer this year, is the Altered Book:


The Altered Book with Susan Taylor Glasgow

23-25 June 2016 (Thursday/Saturday)

Glass and mixed media artist, Susan Taylor Glasgow, shares her knowledge of “telling a story in glass”, utilizing the altered book format as a canvas.

Students will learn lost clay casting, how to imbed text and imagery into glass, the new and best adhesives, and the mechanics of good conceptual story telling. Over the course of 3 days Susan will guide students through the process of formulating their personal story and translate it into the various media – glass – paper – metal. This class will appeal to students who love to play with new ideas and who have a wish to explore and discuss their own artistic language.

Each student will go home with their own Altered Book sculpture and the knowledge and confidence to explore glass and mixed media in their own studios.

1 Book Sculpture

Skill Level – some experience in kiln forming is advantageous.


Please visit for further details about the artist and her work.


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