Mindfulness Course – With Bridget Reader – From 4th May – Chatham

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Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing Course

Wednesdays 12:15pm – 13:45pm from 4th May – 22nd June 2016. HeArt in the Community space, Upper Level, The Pentagon Shopping Centre, Chatham.

Bridget Reader has recently completed initial training with Zenways (www.zenways.org) which has enabled her to offer 8 week courses in Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing as a student teacher.

Due to her status as student teacher, she is offering this course at a reduced rate of £50 for eight, 1 ½ hour sessions and a CD of the meditation practices which form a major element of the course. 

This payment should be made in advance. She accepts cheque, BACS, or Paypal. To book please email/call –

Bridget Reader

07962 077597


“As each session builds on the previous information, it is assumed that participants will attend all eight sessions. If this is not possible, a recording can be offered.

As part of my continued assessment, I will need to video myself teaching the course. There may be times when you will move across the screen and appear briefly in the video. If you object to this, then please let me know and I can take necessary measures. The video will be viewed by my assessor at Zenways, and will not be made public in any way.

To fully participate in this course, you will need to commit to 30 minutes of daily practice during the eight weeks of the course. You will be given full guidance on this practice during the weekly sessions and you will be encouraged to offer feedback and ask questions.

Zenways has contributed to the Oxford Research Project which aims to investigate the effects of mindfulness practice. Although this project is no longer taking data, Zenways continues to assess courses by way of questionnaires. More details can be given during the course.

To encourage discussion, all personal information discussed during the sessions is confidential and should not be discussed outside the course sessions. The only exception to this would be where personal safety may be at risk or disclosure would be legally required.

For most of the course, you will be sitting on a chair. However, for some of the meditation practices you will be asked to lie down. There will be some blankets available but you are welcome to bring your own. In the latter part of the course you are encouraged to sit for meditation practices. A chair is sufficient; but if you have your own meditation cushion you are welcome to use it.”

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