Medway Open Studios – 15th July to 23rd July 2017

Creative and Art Events

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Medway Open Studios returns for 2017 with creatives across Medway giving the general public an opportunity to see into their creative ventures.

Medway’s independent open studios and arts festival began in 2012 and each year gives the public a chance to visit local studios showcasing all art forms including crafts, visual and performing arts.

Held in July, the festival can be approached as an arts trail, with many studios grouped together within walking distance and a prize draw for visitors who collect the signatures of studios they visit on the festival brochure.

You can see who has opened their studios and on which dates at


2 thoughts on “Medway Open Studios – 15th July to 23rd July 2017

  1. Excellent site which I didn’t know existed until now. Please add me to your email list.

    1. Hi Gary, if you go to the bottom right of your web browser wth Creatabot open you will see a tab that says “follow” – enter your email address into there and you will get an email when a new post goes up – which I promise won’t bombard you with emails!

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