Local Poet Launches First Book Inspired By Unusual Stories of Medway – 28th November 2018

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A local poet is launching her first book “Fire In The Head” at Poco Loco, Chatham on the 28th of November at 7:00pm. SM Jenkin, a second generation Irish poet, born in Chatham, was inspired to publish the book which features Medway inspired poems after attending poetry classes lead by local writer Philip Kane some years ago. 

The book draws attention to the many different stories of Medway, honouring the influence of people like James McCudden, Anne Pratt and SM Jenkins very own mother and father. The book notes interesting incidents that few people know about, such as the time William Blake was arrested when he visited Medway for a sketching tour.

The launch lands on the anniversary of Blake’s birth, and the book includes a great deal of  remembrance, which is why it is being launched in November. Speaking about the book SM Jenkin said “The book remembers the stories, people and myths of Medway that often get overlooked. Medway is a place that has many stories and many people passing through, it is a place of transition and transformation. I include myths woven into the fabric of the place. It ties well into the theme of #wearemedway”. 

To find out more about the event visit the Facebook event page 

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Reviews of Fire in the head: 

“You can taste the tang of the Medway in these sharp, observant poems, where myth and history gang-up on the present to tell new tales. A fine line-up from poet, SM Jenkin, to waken the sleepers and inspire fresh dreams.”

Caitlín Matthews (author of Diary of a Soul Doctor and King Arthur’s Raid.)

“In this collection, Chatham based poet SM Jenkin, interweaves myths of seal wives and Medway mermaids, with her own stories and experiences. She questions what it means, if anything, to be ‘adjusted’ in the world and contrasts her philosophies with rich imagery, exploring the ferocity of nature and her thirst for its wild freedom.”

Isabelle Kenyon (Fly on the Wall Poetry Press)

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