Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard Gig – 8th September 2012 – Gillingham – Kent

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When Jarvis Cocker hails someone as “the best lyricist working in the US today” you should really sit down and listen. Luckily for the folk of Medway the object of Cocker’s praise, Jeffrey Lewis, is making Gillingham the final stop of his UK tour. Accompanied by his band, The Junkyard, Lewis demolishes the cliché of the angst-ridden singer-songwriter and delivers midnight-tinged, wit-sharpened hymns to the human condition.

On his own, and with his band, Lewis has toured the world, playing with artists including Stephen Malkmus, The Fall, Devo, Devendra Banhart, The Cribs, Beth Orton…the list is packed with illustrious denizens of the off-beat musical underground. And when not making his six strings chime and chatter with everyday tales of the absurd, Lewis is a comic-book artist, having contributed to the New York Times and The Guardian, as well as releasing his own series, called Fuff.

Born in the Big Apple, Lewis made his name playing open mic nights in the city’s Sidewalk Bar with a host of artists that became associated with the antifolk movement. He certainly has stylistic similarities with that scene; off kilter singing, an acoustic backbone that can spark with the riot of punk and a wry, self-deprecating air. However, the magical simplicity and humorous insight of his songs strike such a chord that he sometimes feels like the only living boy in New York.

Since launching in September 2011, Tea Concerts has brought to Medway, Brighton and London some of the finest bands currently shaping the musical underground including: The Tigercats, The Bobby McGees, Darren Hayman and The Wave Pictures. Tea Concerts follows Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard with hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash, at The Casino Ballrooms in Rochester, on 9 November.

To book tickets and to find out what’s coming up on the Tea Concerts calendar visit, or phone 01634 545545. 

Area: South East

Tea Concerts Presents – The Wave Pictures – 10th August 2012 – Rochester – Kent

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Jump in for a night of music that will break against hearts, drown out the tedious noise of nine-to-five and wash away the stain of tub-thumping pain. For fourteen years The Wave Pictures have charted the offbeat, independent seas braved by artists including Jonathan Richman, Tom Verlaine and Morrissey. On 10 August they will land at The Gordon Hotel, Rochester. Brace yourself for a night of kitchen-sink storms with the raw power to electrify souls.

The Wave Pictures first set sail in 1998. Twelve albums later they are still delivering low-fi, rock-popped gems that have gained them a cult following across Europe and America and seen the band work with Daniel Johnston, Herman Dune and The Mountain Goats.

Their 2012 LP, Long Black Cars, showcases what makes The Wave Pictures such a musical pleasure. Wry, sharp lyrics that tell tales on the murkier underbelly of the emotional spectrum. Simple, sparse arrangements that can jangle the knees at one turn and shiver the spine at the next. And at the centre is David Tattersall, whose virtuoso six-string licks and synapse-searing melodies live long after the needle has stopped.

Second on the bill is Vlks, a band powered and fronted by Dave Goggin. Dave’s last band, the Medway-based Brigadier Ambrose, was long-listed for the 2011 Mercury Award. His new incarnation inhabits the blood-lit shadows of a bordello soul, haunted by the sweltering and strange hearts of some of England’s finest auteurs, from Luke Haines and Damon Albarn to Thom Yorke. Lamenting the glow of the pinkest of moons, the acoustic folk of Es Muss Sein completes the line-up for the night.

Since launching in September 2011, Tea Concerts has brought to Medway, Brighton and London some of the finest bands currently shaping the musical underground including: The Tigercats, The Bobby McGees and Darren Hayman. Tea Concerts follows The Wave Pictures with BBC 6 Music favourite Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard, at The Beacon Court, Gillingham, on 8 September.


Venue: The Gordon House Hotel, Rochester High Street,

Date: 10 August, 2012.

Doors open 8pm.

Tickets £7.50 advance.

To book tickets for The Wave Pictures and to find out what’s coming up on the Tea Concerts calendar visit

Area: South East

Grandmaster Flash To Hit The Decks In Rochester – 9th November 2012

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Hip-hop pioneer, Grandmaster Flash, is set to hit the decks in Rochester High Street on 9th November, at the Casino Rooms. The era-defining icon created the loop and cross-fade DJ techniques, spinning minds and decks across the globe in the 70s and 80s. Scratch the surface of hip-hop and experimental rock of the past 35 years and the Furious Five godfather is at the heart of it.

It’s rare to be able to witness a legend at work, and even rarer to do so at just £12 a ticket. But that’s the small price to pay to see the man who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 and stoked the musical fires of greats including Run DMC, Public Enemy, Beck and Jay Z. Grandmaster Flash was also the first person to use the turntable as an instrument. 

Since launching in September 2011, with a headline gig by prog-rock and Can icon Damo Suzuki, Medway-based TEA Concerts has focused on bringing to the towns artists that are shaping the current musical underground. In a short ten months they’ve put on bands on the up that knock the knees of indie darlings, including: Tigercats, Stuart Turner, The Bobby McGee’s and Darren Hayman; BBC 6 Music A-listers one and all.

To book tickets for Grandmaster Flash visit or Tickets will be available from 9am on Friday 3 August and cost £12 in advance. This is a late concert style event in the main upstairs room with Re:fried DJs spinning tunes before and after the main act.

TEA background

TEA put on shows in Medway, London and Brighton

• Aim to put on new or era defining acts in interesting spaces

• Formed in 2011 from the now defunct MILK

• Former acts include Jeffrey Lewis, The Mae Shi, Damo Suzuki, TEETH!!!, Sister Mantos, Com Truise, The Bobby McGees, Seafood, Blackbird Blackbird, Mystery Jets, Darren Hayman, Euros Childs, UpCDownC, BITCHES, Moustache of Insanity, Honey Ride Me A Goat, Let Our Enemies Beware, and Trash Kit.

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