The Deaf Cat Cafe – Rochester

Creative and Art Events

The Deaf Cat is a coffee bar in Rochester, Kent that is a hub for the local creative scene. Not only can do they hire out their wall space for art pieces but they also provide an online portfolio for artists worldwide. Please leave a comment if you love this place!

2 thoughts on “The Deaf Cat Cafe – Rochester

  1. The Deaf Cat is the creative hub that Medway has been calling out for all my life.

    It brings together the people I now call my good close friends.

    It is the home of my latest exhibition of paintings from which I made my first sale.

    It is where I work which affords me the fees for my Masters in Fine Art.

    Thank you to the Deaf Cat.

    and Thank You to Laura and Kevan for making it happen.

    I, we, Medway needs the Deaf Cat!!

  2. This past year I have had the great pleasure in watching a truly wonderful place grow and evolve….. two people started it and put there very hearts and souls into it….. Laura and Kevan.
    The Deaf Cat to me is a home from home, and I feel like part of The Deaf Cat family, from the staff to the residents artists, to the regulars such as Barry,Rob,Bet,and John and so many more …… to the mums with pushchairs…… everyone is welcome and everyone is a part of it.
    If I am having a bad day I walk down to The Deaf Cat for the best mocha ever and I know that someone will make me smile and I always go away feeling inspired.

    The best thing about The Deaf Cat is Laura and Kevan…… they are always ready to find answers to problems….. when I needed a studio they gave me one, when I needed somewhere to sell my hats they said bring them in…..

    I have met the most amazing people through The Deaf Cat…… friends, family

    Thank you so much

    Zara xx

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