Ciaran McKay at ceemSTUDIO

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ceemSTUDIO is the name under which Medway artist, Ciaran McKay produces his hand-made work.  

ceemSTUDIO see’s the potential in the off cut’s of wood and turns them into beautiful contemporary objects. Although the work looks functional it is simply made for decorative purposes and if a use is found for each piece, then that is an added bonus for the person who purchases them. The work’s are simply titled by the order in which they have been produced, as their character is their aesthetics.

After graduating from UCA Rochester in 2009, Ciaran has worked freelance in a number of creative capacities ranging from a master craftsman’s assistant for long standing cabinet maker Andrew Lapthorn, to Creative Producer for the Medway Hub of a national project- Imagination Our Nation. This project involves the use of puppets, who engage the local community, reigniting the imaginations of the people they meet, in order to save a race of aliens who use our imaginative thoughts as a source of energy. To find out more visit;


You can find out more about ceemSTUDIO at the brand new website

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