Art Exhibition By Matthew Bray and Owen Davies – Deaf Cat Rochester

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Matthew Bray & Owen Davies are holding a free exhibition of their artwork until the 27th of November every day from 10am – 5pm at the Deaf Cat Coffee Bar, 83 High Street, Rochester.

Both artists are displaying a collection of their contemporary artwork. Matthew Bray speaking of what is displayed in his work said “My work has always been about humanity – what it means to be human and particularly the feeling of isolation and confusion arising from the modern condition. However, the art I create revels in the sensory joy of paint itself and the act of making rather than any dry intellectualism or conceptual minimalism.”

Owen Davies spent a 6 year spiritual detour that saw him ordained as a Buddhist monk and an avid student in the sacred art of Thangkha painting. He now returns to his roots both geographically (Medway Delta) and artistically (Visionary painting) to find a new wealth of meaning in this medium and a message of hope, love and joy within this so often seemingly fractured and hostile world.

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