Creatabot is a project that connects, promotes and supports creativity. Based in Medway, UK.

Riverside One Studios – Rehearsal Recording and Gig Space – Chatham

Started by Nucleus Arts in conjunction with Jamie Johnson, Riverside One Studios is a new music project in Chatham, Kent. Jamie Johnson is a local singer/songwriter from Gillingham, Kent who … Continue reading

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A Slightly More Interesting Interview With Two Cat Inspired Artists

Slightly More Interesting are a Kent based artist duo who create awesome cat inspired cards.

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Creatabot Creative Of The Year 2015 – Xtina Lamb

Back in late 2014 we asked the local community in Medway to vote for the person who inspired them in the local creative scene. After the tough task of deciding … Continue reading

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New Short Film In Production – Super Me – By Sophie Lasson

Super Me – a story about love, loss and the hero inside all of us. Super Me is a 10 minute drama written and directed by Sophie Lasson, from Chatham, … Continue reading

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An Interview With Jasper Littman – Savile Row Tailor

Jasper Littman creates bespoke mens suits and works from his studio on Savile Row. I thought it would be interesting to ask Jasper Littman about his background and creativity. So … Continue reading

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Featured Creative – Bryony Hacker – Visual Artist and Campaigner

17 year old Bryony Hacker has just completed her Extended Project Qualification. So what topic did she choose to study? Make a short film, like someone I know; study how … Continue reading

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The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon – A New Book By D C Stansfield

(Picture above features Joseph Jameson mentioned here: D C Stansfield has completed his first ever book – and, what’s this!? HE’S BEEN PUBLISHED! On the new form of ‘book’, an … Continue reading

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Music and Lyrics – Creating a Music Video

Here I am, A YouTuber who makes a lot of videos, but never my own music video. In the past I made one in a group of a song I … Continue reading

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Introducing a New Creatabot Contributor – James Bovington

Creatabot has a new contributor on board, James Bovington from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. James is a writer and will be writing various topical articles for the site. We asked him … Continue reading

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Featured Creative – Eleanor Bennett – Photographer

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 16 year old internationally award winning photographer and artist based in Manchester who has won first places with National Geographic, The World Photography Organisation, Nature’s Best … Continue reading

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Introducing A New Creatabot Contributor – Kael Braham

Another contributor, woo! And from a different creative angle again. Kael, from Kent, spends most of his creative time acting and making music so will be bringing this interest into … Continue reading

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Introducing Project 1440 – By Isobel Eats Fish

Isobel Eats Fish is the creative name for Vicky Partner. Based in Kent, Vicky is a photographer and poet who combines both talents to create a unique vision. Her project … Continue reading

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Introducing A New Creatabot Contributor – Jane Ayres

Jane Ayres is a writer from Maidstone, Kent, who has just joined us as a valuable contributor. We thought you would like to know some more about Jane so asked … Continue reading

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Introducing A New Creatabot Contributor – Helen Hanson

We have another contributor! Helen Hanson is from Doncaster and is an all round creative who will be writing about many different subjects. I asked her some questions so that … Continue reading

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Snapdragon Designs – Featured Creatives

Recently at the 10th anniversary celebration of Nucleus arts I came across a new range of jewellery – which I absolutely LOVE. I felt I had to feature these creatives … Continue reading

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My Life’s Fascination With Fashion – The Story Of Henrietta Franklin

Henrietta Franklin is a fashion label run by Sharon Richards from her shop and studio in Gillingham, Kent. Designing and making made to measure garments for women and children, Sharon … Continue reading

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Introducing A New Creatabot Contributor – Alice Stansfield

We have a fab new contributor – Alice Stansfield is a creative Vlogger from East Sussex who will be bringing a nice selection of articles and videos to Creatabot.  We … Continue reading

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New Creatabot Contributor – Emily Foster

Our new contributor Emily will be writing short diary type articles for Creatabot that discuss her recent experiences working for small independent publishing house “Limehouse Books“. Her aim is to … Continue reading

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Featured Creative – Mark Richmond – Sculptor

The amount of creativity Medway has to offer still amazes me and it was refreshing to meet another artist who fits so well with the ethos of Creatabot. I had seen … Continue reading

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Interview With Rebecca Crosbie – Photographer

If you know me well, you will know I love abandoned places, I love urban exploration and I love photography of anything linked with either. That is why I was … Continue reading

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Introducing a New Creatabot Contributor – Jack Bulmer – Game Designer

We like to include all types of creatives in Creatabot which is why we are really pleased to have Jack working with us. Jack is a game designer from Rainham … Continue reading

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Introducing A New Creatabot Contributor – Badge – Artist

Badge is a unique artist from North Wales who has just joined us as a contributor. Badge will be interviewing creatives and talking about what is going on in his … Continue reading

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Introducing A New Creatabot Contributor – Jennifer Denty – Illustrator and Designer

We welcome a new contributor to Creatabot – Jennifer Denty is a freelance illustrator and designer from Hertfordshire and we are really glad to have her input on Creatabot. Jennifer will … Continue reading

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Interview With Mark Young – Independent Filmmaker – Medway – Kent

Medway in Kent is fast becoming the centre of creativity. There are a number of creatives that both drive and support this ever-growing community and Mr Young is one of … Continue reading

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Interview With Damion Hampton – Artist

Kent artist Damion Hampton uniquely fuzes together two entities – Art and Physics. We are admirers of Damions work here at Creatabot and we thought you would like to know … Continue reading

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Interview With Artist Irene Zorpa

Irene Zorpa is an artist living in Greece who studied Fine arts Painting at the University of Wolverhampton. She is included in the International Dictionary of artists (World Wide Art … Continue reading

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An Interview With Sculptors Andre Masters and CJ Munn

André Masters and CJ Munn from Kent work together to create bespoke sculptures and body casts – fusing traditional skills with modern material technologies to create an updated twist on … Continue reading

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Owen Davies – Artist

Owen Davies is an artist who plays a huge part in the creative scene of Rochester, Kent. Creatabot asked Owen some questions to find out more about him and what … Continue reading

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Pete Molinari – Singer Songwriter and Musician

Pete Molinari from Kent has traveled the world playing, writing and recording his music. He speaks to Creatabot and tells us a little more about his background and what inspires … Continue reading

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Matthew Bray – Artist

Matthew Bray is a well known artist in the Medway area. He kindly spoke to Creatabot to tell us a little more about himself and his background.

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Kirstin Moore – Jewellery Designer

Creatabot speaks to Kirstin Moore, a jewellery designer based in Kent, and found out some more about her background and what inspires her.

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Graffiti Artist Gets Knit

In 2009 I had the “privilege” of queuing for 5 hours to see Banksy’s take over at Bristol museum. I was really pleased to have been able to see the … Continue reading

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Rikard Osterlund – Photographer

Rikard Osterlund is a professional photographer in Kent who switches between being a commercial photographer, photographic artist and photography lecturer.  I found out some more about him and where his love … Continue reading

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Ryan John – Singer and Song Writer

Ryan John is a singer and song writer who currently lives in Chatham, Kent. He writes from home and has a home recording studio set-up, but also records in Camden, … Continue reading

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Victoria Wainwright – Illustrator

Victoria Wainwright is an all round creative in Kent that specialises in illustration. I asked her some questions so we could find out a little more about her.

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An Interview With Tallulah Rendall

Not many artists today are able to put their whole creativity into their music, but I was given the chance to meet someone who has worked hard to be different.

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An Interview With Zara Carpenter – Milliner and Head Piece Creator

Usually found busily sewing away in the Deaf Cat cafe in Rochester, Zara Carpenter is an inspiring craftswoman who leads the way for many creatives. Maybe by learning some more … Continue reading

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An Interview With Sian Bostwick – Jewellery Designer and Craftswoman

Sian Bostwick is a jewellery designer in Rochester, Kent with incredible skill and talent. Her work, inspired by fairytales and fantasies, truly please the eye and each piece is beautifully … Continue reading

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Abigail Steer – Artist and Illustrator

Abigail Steer is an illustrator from Gravesend, Kent who focuses most of her work on Manga based art and similar. I thought everyone would like to know some more about … Continue reading

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Nigel Adams – Artist Interview

Nigel Adams is a Kent artist who creates “indescribable” art in many types of formats and genres. I had the opportunity to speak to Nigel and find out some more … Continue reading

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