An Interview With Sian Bostwick – Jewellery Designer and Craftswoman

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Sian Bostwick is a jewellery designer in Rochester, Kent with incredible skill and talent. Her work, inspired by fairytales and fantasies, truly please the eye and each piece is beautifully crafted in its design. To find out more about her skill and in the aim of inspiring others I asked Sian some questions about herself and her craft.

So Sian how long have you been making jewellery for now?

Either 4 years or 1 year depending on how you look at it, I studied jewellery for 3 years but I have only been in the business of designing, making and selling my own jewellery for almost 1 year now. It took a while after graduating, well a few months really to figure out what I wanted to do and to establish my style before I could start selling, pushing into shops and begin establishing myself.

Did you study any creative subjects?

I studied at UCA Rochester for 3 years after a foundation year I did there, I did a BA sliversmithing, goldsmithing and jewellery which was fantastic fun and gave me the grounding and skills I needed to hopefully establish myself. I always knew I wanted to do something creative so I did all the art and design based A-levels (4 of them) before the foundation year.

When I found jewellery I really fell in love with it straight away and really wanted to study it further which I did. For me the craft has the perfect mix of technical thinking and skill with creative design, there is always something new to learn and skills to expand upon which I really enjoy. Every aspect of the craft is wonderful and it’s something I will be doing for the rest of my life hopefully and build a career on.

Who is your favourite local artist and all time favourite artist?

It’s hard to pick as there is so much talent here in Kent and since I have begun working at the Nucleus gallery in Rochester I have discovered the huge variety and number of talent in the Medway area in particular and it been great getting to know all these people.

But if had to choose I could narrow it down to Zara Carpenter aka Chatham girl and Marion smith. I love Zara’s hats so much and one day I hope to have quite a few, they are so elegant and eccentric.  If I ever get married then I already have in mind to wear one of her hat designs with the small ship and waves! Zara also has the prettiest workspace (jewellers never have pretty workspaces, it’s all metal dust, polish and mess).

I like Marion smith’s work especially her large abstract colourful pieces like Forest” and “Crowd, I just enjoy the colour and  bright happiness of these pieces they really bright up a room and are just so pretty.

Who really inspires you?

Fairytales tend to inspire me, they are the odd old stories from around the world often dark and detailed. I tend to look at the themes and detail and just let things bubble away. I have also looked at Victorian patterns and details for the “Wonderland” collection alongside the original story and illustration of Alice in Wonderland and Art Nouveau for my butterfly and flower collections.

The other things that inspire me are exploring the areas around me really, I grew up in a countryside/coastal area and this still inspires me now I live in Kent. We make regular trips the beautiful Kentish country side and I really enjoy exploring the open space and freedom, colour and light. This spring the butterflies in the woodland were beautiful and the Bluebells filled the wood with a carpet of blues and purples which was stunning and hard not to be inspired by. These times exploring really help get my mind bubbling away with ideas.

What would you really like to learn in the future?

I was selected to display my collections to the wider world at IJL ( International Jewellery London)  2010 as part of the kickstart stand which was a fantastic success and really expanded my stockists and audience. So I am already planning to return in 2011 with my own stand to really establish my place with the jewellery industry and reach even more stockists and people, possibly with a new and expanded wonderland collection (there maybe some darker pieces involving titanium and twisting detail from different fairytales) and a few new pieces in the butterfly and flower collections.

How exciting I cant wait to see that! Can you recommend a creative website you love?

Mine at !

And also I opened my first online shop on and found it really useful place for me to start, smaller and less scary than Etsy and the forum is really helpful for feedback and advice. It was a good place for me to start and begin this process.

Thank you so much Sian, we really look forward to seeing your new collection in the future!

Sian in her studio

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