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Irene Zorpa is an artist living in Greece who studied Fine arts Painting at the University of Wolverhampton. She is included in the International Dictionary of artists (World Wide Art Books). Creatabot asked her some questions to find out more about the artist behind the work.

So Irene, how long have you been an artist for now?

I learned to mix paint before I could write my name! I spent my youth sitting quietly in my bedroom drawing. I can remember that I started painting in my early teenage years. I was a painter then, as most young artists are; it was just what was accessible.

Please tell us more about your work!

Generally, I like working with intense colors. That’s the meaning of my art; to work with passion for liveliness and to finally create a pleasant work of art, which will draw your attention for its liveliness. With complete freedom in my pallet, I combine basic and complementary, warm and cold colors, contrary to each other, leading in that way, to the impression of 3D installations.

Did you study any creative subjects?

As a visual artist my career is still in its early stages. I have completed my Degree at the University of Art in Greece and later I received my Masters at the University of Wolverhampton in Fine arts and Theory of art. I was happy to finish my MA with a distinction grade. Subjects I have studied include: Design & Technology, History of Art, Design Elements, Design Professional Studies, Contexts of Design & Technology, The Design Process, Design Issues, Professional Practice For Designers,Visual Communication Forms and Functions, History of Architecture, Graphic Design, Drawing, Photo Imaging, New Media, Interior Design and Modern Architecture, Art Personal & Professional Development and Art Sociology.

How much of what you do has been self-taught?

In the beginning I was a self taught artist because I was drawing as a child. Then when I was a teenager I told myself that I should study art and art theory, and that is what I went and done. I had great teachers in Universities especially in the UK where I feel I learnt the majority of my knowledge.

Who are your favorite local artist and all time favorite artists?

I usually look at artists that are abroad like Angela De la Cruz. I love contemporary work and really I am enthusiastic with the work of the abstract expressionism artists in New York.

Who really inspires you?

Someone once said that you cannot create art in a vacuum. You need outside influences to help trigger the process. The Greeks had the Muses, Spirits and Goddesses, who inspired the creation of the arts. I have different artists that I am inspired by such as Angela De la Cryz , Phillip Allen e.t.c . Every artist, great and small needs inspiration and every artist is inspired by different things. The real world is always a great source of inspiration. There is so much variety and so much going on that it never gets boring. You can always find something new. One of the biggest sources of inspiration for artists is the works by other artists. Many artists trying to find a new idea will look at samples and portfolios of others to see how they approached an idea. You can do this by going to a gallery and looking at the pieces of art being displayed. There are galleries with everything from the works by the old masters to modern and contemporary artists. In other words, there is something for everyone.

What would you really like to learn in the future?

Generally I have been happy but of course there is going to be a lot of scepticism in the beginning. As far as being taken seriously, all I can do is look at my own activity and say, honestly, this is where I have been spending the majority of my time. For now I work a lot and I give my best and my soul, with a lot of craziness and passion for what I do. I let everything come and I try to do the best I can at my work, hoping that some day it will be recognized. Unfortunately, here in Greece it is very difficult.

No matter how good your work is, without public relations you are going to struggle. Art is my life and I believe that open-minded fans of modern art, despite the difficulties, will recognize my work. For now I work a lot and I give my best and my soul, with a lot of craziness and passion for what I do. I let everything come and I try to do the best I can at my work, hoping that some day it will be recognized. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and to be confident about your accomplishments.

Can you recommend a creative website you love?

I absolutely love the website of Saatchi I also love the the Tate website.

Thank you so much for speaking to Creatabot, we look forward to seeing all your future work!

Irene Zorpa

Area – South East and Nationwide

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