An Interview With Zara Carpenter – Milliner and Head Piece Creator

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Usually found busily sewing away in the Deaf Cat cafe in Rochester, Zara Carpenter is an inspiring craftswoman who leads the way for many creatives. Maybe by learning some more about her we can draw even more inspiration…

How long have you been crafting hats and headpieces now for Zara?

About 3 years so I’m still very new to it and learning all the time.

Have you always favoured making hats and headpieces or do you have other craft talents?

I have always collected and worn hats but didn’t think about making them until quite recently. I bought a soft hat from America and thought I could make ones like it and then it went from there. I can knit and crochet but my true love is hat making.

Did you study any creative subjects?

No, not until I studied a short course in millinery a year ago. I have been on a couple more since then but otherwise I am self-taught or taught to me by my mum who is a great crafter! I tend to experiment and make lots of mistakes, some that work out well some not so well.

Who is your favourite local artist and all time artist?

I have a few local artists I admire: Bjorn Veno, Alison Blackburn, Nick Evans, Rikard Osterlund, Wolf Howard, Jim Hill, Matthew Bray, Billy Childish and many many more. All time favourite artist well that’s too hard to answer but my all time favourite milliner is Cecil Beaton.

Who really inspires you?

My friends,my fella Rikard who is the most extraordinary photographer, Cecil Beaton, Stephen Jones, Piers Atkinson and Mark Ryden.

What would you really like to learn in the future?

I would dearly love to go on more in-depth courses in millinery, costume design, tiara and headpiece design. Gosh actually there is so much I would like to learn! I want to be the very best milliner I can be and to keep on learning something new every day.

Can you recommend a creative website? is a fabulous market place for handcrafted goods.

Thank you for sharing that Zara,  please continue to inspire us and keep up the brilliant work!

Zara Carpenter

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