An Interview With Tallulah Rendall

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Not many artists today are able to put their whole creativity into their music, but I was given the chance to meet someone who has worked hard to be different.

Tallulah Rendall has built an amazing creative team around her, which has helped her to continue being inspired and to inspire others. I really wanted to find out some more about her.

So Tallulah have you always loved singing?

Oh yeah I have always loved singing, I must have started at about 6 and my family really encouraged me. My dad can sing and play piano so that was inspirational to me. I had regular singing lessons for years through my youth and was able to develop my singing, I taught myself guitar though!

That’s brilliant! So did you ever have any other careers in mind?

No I was really focused on having a career in singing. I did go to University and study Film, but that was because I wanted to continue studying and I felt I could combine Film Production with my musical career in the future. That has turned out to be a good plan as I have been able to be heavily involved in my music video production.

So how have you got to where you are now?

Well I worked really hard to make contacts and got introduced to the right people. I’m licensed to Universal for my album distribution, which was released in March. But I have my own label so have full creative control and have built a whole team of multi media creative people that includes dancers, artists and jewellery designers. I love having a huge team of inspirational creative people around me!

How do you feel about the Internet and social media? Do you think it is a help or a hindrance?

The internet is amazing because it makes the world so much smaller, it means a video or recording can be streamed across the world to your fans and audience in the blink of an eye. On the other hand I found I could spend hours on the internet updating websites and so on and time just dissolved, so face to face contact really is much more productive and satisfying.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Oh wow that’s such a big question! When I was at Uni I obviously studied film Noir and that’s so inspiring, as is work by David Lynch. And I love such a wide range of music, Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, Pati Smith, and Billy Holiday to ACDC! I am also really inspired by Andrew Logan and have had the amazing privilege of being able to work with him, he just exudes creativity.

What’s next then?

Well I have been touring lots to promote the album. I have spent lots of time in Japan, New Zealand and Australia and I just want to carry on with that and keep meeting creative people. I really encourage creativity and it’s all about having fun and being part of a team.

What venue would you love to perform at then?

Well I have performed in so many different venues, from small intimate gigs to huge venues across the world. But I think like many artists, I would love to be on the main stage at Glastonbury!

I am sure we will see Tallulah at Glastonbury main stage very soon as it is definitely the place she deserves to be. Tallulah Rendall is pleased to launch her second album ‘Alive’ in March 2011.

For more information about Tallulah please visit

By Natasha Steer

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