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The 2018 Aladdin Pantomime Launch Party – By Molly-Tastic Treves

Hello, As you may know last year I attended my local theatre (The Hazlitt Theatre) pantomime launch party. The pantomime last year was about Cinderella, and I was very humbled … Continue reading

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Creative Wellbeing Course – June to July 2018 – Ashford

Creative Wellbeing will be a free creative course involving writing, arts and activities, with a focus on wellbeing and positive mental health.  By the end of the six weeks, participants … Continue reading

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Helping Where It Hurts – My Experience of Helping Families Impacted By the Grenfell Tower Fire – By Natasha Steer

The first time I arrived in the W10 area in August 2017, I travelled via car from the hostel I was staying in, loaded up with art equipment to run … Continue reading

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Launch of Cinderella Pantomime – Maidstone – By Molly Treves

Hello! I recently got offered an opportunity to go to a press launch event for a Christmas Pantomime.   When I was offered the chance I was delighted, and couldn’t … Continue reading

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The UK’s First Road Safety Experience Uses Immersive Teaching To Save Lives

Last year I was invited to a Medway Dementia Action Alliance meeting at the new Kent Fire and Rescue Service building in Rochester, Kent. When I arrived I imagined we … Continue reading

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Riverside One Studios – Rehearsal Recording and Gig Space – Chatham

Started by Nucleus Arts in conjunction with Jamie Johnson, Riverside One Studios is a new music project in Chatham, Kent. Jamie Johnson is a local singer/songwriter from Gillingham, Kent who … Continue reading

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Escape Plan Live – Immersive Game At It’s Best – Chatham

A review of Medway’s immersive games that take place across 2 locations in Chatham.

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A Visit To Dismaland – Weston-super-Mare – 2015

In August 2015, myself and Mr Creatabot took a crazy spur of the moment trip to Dismaland. The site had only been open 2 days and we didn’t even know … Continue reading

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How To Make A Mud Rock Ice Cream – By Cerys Ford

For her Arts Award share unit Cerys Ford has made a tutorial on how to make a mud rock ice cream model. This makes a great little creative gift!

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A Slightly More Interesting Interview With Two Cat Inspired Artists

Slightly More Interesting are a Kent based artist duo who create awesome cat inspired cards.

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The Dismal Time Machine – Medway Fun Palace 2015 – How It Was Made and Why

The Medway Fun Palace took place on the 3rd of October at Nucleus Arts in Chatham. After a lot of thought about what I might be able to contribute, I … Continue reading

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How To Make a Necklace From Natural Sources – By Nathan Stubbins

We all love a trip to the beach! How about making jewellery from shells and stones that you find there? Nathan created a “how to” guide for his Bronze Arts … Continue reading

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Steve Sinyard Talks About Why He Has Peanut Butter Fingers

New indie clothing brand “Peanut Butter Fingers“ has just been launched by Kent based designer Steve Sinyard. The brands look brings a refreshing look to the future of street wear … Continue reading

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New singing groups set-up to help improve mental health and wellbeing in West Kent and Medway

Four newly established singing groups across west Kent and Medway are looking for members who enjoy singing and want to improve their health and mental wellbeing. The groups have been … Continue reading

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New Short Film In Production – Super Me – By Sophie Lasson

Super Me – a story about love, loss and the hero inside all of us. Super Me is a 10 minute drama written and directed by Sophie Lasson, from Chatham, … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Chrysanthemums

By Jane Ayres Last year, I attempted my biggest challenge – launching my first ever crowdfunding campaign for a music and dance event in Kent. I’ve been excited by the … Continue reading

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Medway’s Creative Spaces

Medway is lucky enough to have multiple arts spaces that each have something unique to offer.

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Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know: Rochester Literature Festival 2014

September 25th – October 5th 2014 The Rochester Literature Festival is proud to present its second annual festival, Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know. We’re delighted to be opening this … Continue reading

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Meet, make and play at Medway GEEK

The GEEK team are working with Ideas Test for three days of creative play, bringing together game makers and players from across the area and inviting them to share their … Continue reading

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18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently – From Huffington Post

So good: we had to share this article! Creativity works in mysterious and often paradoxical ways. Creative thinking is a stable, defining characteristic in some personalities, but it may also … Continue reading

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The Days When Gillingham Fraggle Rocked

I have always been a huge Jim Henson fan, my dream was to work at their Creature Studios in Camden, I was even offered work experience there whilst at college, … Continue reading

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Proteus (PS3/PS Vita) Review – 5th November 2013 – By Scott Barker

It’s somewhat ironic that Proteus – a calm and soothing Indie game based on exploration – releases on the same week as action-orientated blockbusters Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. But this is … Continue reading

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Batman: Arkham Origins Review – 3rd November 2013 – By Scott Barker

    If there’s one thing we’re not short of regarding anything Batman related, it’s 1) Batman’s origin, and 2) stories involving The Joker. Both The Joker and Batman’s origins … Continue reading

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The Last Of Us Abandoned Territories Map Pack Review – 28 October 2013 – By Scott Barker

The Last Of Us is going to win game of they year awards from numerous outlets, and deservedly so. In years to come TLOU may not be remembered for its … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Console at Launch – 24th October 2013 – By Scott Barker

With the Xbox One launching on November 22 here in the UK and the Playstation 4 launching one week later on November 29, the big question posed to gamers is: … Continue reading

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Cybermen and Clay: objects and emotions by Jane Ayres

  We invest objects with emotional significance.  Although they are simply things, they can represent something that connects us to a person or a time in the past.  I have … Continue reading

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We are stories by Jane Ayres

The concept of stories, storytelling and narrative fascinates me and is a constant source of discovery.  I’ve also explored the idea of writing as therapy for depression and grief.  In … Continue reading

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Blast From The Past – The Chatham Vines Project

FrancisKnight were appointed by Medway Council to work with international artist John Newling and consultancy ArtOffice to project manage Chatham Vines. Chatham vines was a major commission to install and … Continue reading

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Review of Broken Banjo EP – Bravo 106 – By Ollie Crook

Broken Banjo – Bravo 106 The last Broken Banjo EP, Bootleg Porn Volume III, was a great, raw, explosive and refreshing dose of energy. It was something the music scene … Continue reading

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Who we work with…

Here are some of the amazing projects we work with in Medway. If you would like to work with us as well, please get in touch.

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The Vision and the Voice: Part 2 by Jane Ayres

Photo by Roger Hyland How do you see the world? Is it ugly, beautiful, evil, good, exciting, depressing? A mixture?  None of these?  The mind’s eye is a strange expression. … Continue reading

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The Vision and the Voice: Part 1 by Jane Ayres

If I admire a writer, it will be for two reasons.  Firstly, their vision and the ideas expressed and explored.  I came to sci-fi late in life but I am … Continue reading

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The Value Triangle and measuring the value of culture by Jane Ayres

The Big Cheese  (Photo by Jane Ayres) Earlier in the month I attended a conference about using the arts to regenerate East Kent coastal towns, a topic dear to my … Continue reading

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A poem dedicated to the memory of Chris Austin

You had a laugh so honest And a smile so arresting But all that sounds fake In a eulogistic poem Sounds like rose tinted glasses Sounds like beauty now passed … Continue reading

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A poem dedicated to the memory of Hilary Halpern

I moved to Medway some time ago This place inspires me, as you well know I wanted to help with the amazing creativity To help it be seen by more, … Continue reading

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Crista Cloutier – The Video All Creatives Need To See

Crista Cloutier gave a motivating talk about the struggles and joys of crowdfunding at the East Kent Cultural Conversation in Canterbury on the 4th June 2013, and I was lucky … Continue reading

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“Twenty dollars worth of art, please.” By Jane Ayres

Growing up in the 60s and 70s it was a treat after school to stop by the corner shop and buy a penny’s worth of sweets.  Lemon bonbons were my … Continue reading

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Hello? Is this thing on? – The People Fighting Your Corner

It’s been a while! Too long, in fact. So it’s about time for another article, methinks This time, I’m going to try and shine a light on the weird and … Continue reading

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What A Young Artist Taught Me About Crowdfunding – By Crista Cloutier

It was Day 16 of the campaign and I had only cried in public once. Twice. Online crowdfunding is not for the faint of heart. I’ve spent my entire career … Continue reading

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Making Noise – By Roy Smith : The Results Of the MY Noise Music Festival

Originally posted on bits and pieces:
Had a great weekend listening to and making a bit of noise, as part of Tea’s MY Noise festival. Highlights for me were an…

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