Steve Sinyard Talks About Why He Has Peanut Butter Fingers

logoNew indie clothing brandPeanut Butter Fingers has just been launched by Kent based designer Steve Sinyard. The brands look brings a refreshing look to the future of street wear and connected art prints. I caught up with Steve to ask him some questions about the edgy new brand.

So Steve, what role do you play in PBF?

So Peanut Butter Fingers is just run by me, all designs, social media everything is me with a little help from my girlfriend Lauren and my sister, Ally, who writes some of the blog content.

What made you set it up?

I won a Puma competition back in 2013 where I got to design Professor Green’s Limited Edition t – shirt. I loved seeing something I designed on clothing and from there I just had the bug for it!


Where are you based?

I’m from Medway and lived there most of my life, for the past year I’ve been living in Tunbridge Wells but I’m back in Maidstone now.

Are you a multi-creative?

Illustration is my main passion, I’ve just moved into a flat with my girlfriend who loves to restore furniture so I’ve been helping out with that lately, I’d love to get into some water-colouring in the near feature.

Where would you love the brand to end up?

I don’t really have a main aim or goal for this, just going to see where it goes. I’d love to just be walking down the street and see some strangers, maybe a famous face or 2 wearing Peanut Butter Fingers.

A question I ask everyone – what’s your work soundtrack?

Current soundtrack at the moment… I’m listening to a lot of (local bands) Slaves, Wolf Alice, Mallory Knox and my all time favourite band, The Dykeenies – check them out! It all depends what mood I’m in, if I’m in a more relaxed mood I like to listen to a few comedy podcasts.

See the collection at

You will be able to see more of the Peanut Butter Fingers brand and meet Steve at the Nucleus Arts Centre “ArtsFest” on the 16th May.

By Natasha Steer


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