How To Showcase Your Work – By Alice Stansfield


Showcasing your work!

Over the last month I’ve been going through my university interview, nerve-wracking as they are I found stress can be avoided through preparation, creative preparation that is. For example I create mind maps and tables of strengths and weakness of each university I’d visited to help me decide where to apply and once apply I worked through each prospectus with a pack of sticky notes highlighting things to ask about and what I think they might ask me about, what they are looking for and so on.

Then came the actual interviews. The majority of my interviews didn’t actually ask me to bring anything in particular surprisingly, but being a Creative I wanted to show them what I’m capable of. If you are interested, which I’m guessing you are if you’ve read this far, I am applying for Film and TV Production courses mainly in the South, and so I presented to them a showreel and portfolio. I am not claiming I am an expert with making a showreel, portfolio or taking part in interviews, but I wish to share my tips which I hope are helpful to at least one person. (So far out of 5 of the university I have applied for I have had offers from 3 of them and the other two I haven’t heard from since I interviewed there today and one yesterday.)

20130201_221324 20130201_221411 20130201_221338 Portfoloio

PORTFOLIO: The majority of my portfolio was made up of extra curriculum projects, either my YouTube or work experience so I thought it was crucial to include to show my extra work and dedication. However, even with out these extras I still could have found ways to have something to talk about. My portfolio was mainly a ‘show and tell’ tool. For example I was asked what sort of films I make so I turned to the page where I received an A* for a Batman and Robin filmed I’d made, followed by music videos and a web-series. I didn’t include all my projects, instead just included a range of genres to show how I expose myself as much as possible, and the importance of experimenting. When I was asked about my work experience I’d mainly included pictures to show me working that I’d asked other people to take on the day and so on.

My tops tips would be:

1. Include extras, not something you HAD to do.

2.Don’t include everything you’ve ever done, concentrate on including a variety.

3.Limit your writing, use it as more of a flick through and point to get the ideas across.

SHOWREEL: Looking at over 40 hours worth of my old footage I went through outtakes, to shots I don’t remember shooting, home videos all the way back to stuff I shot on my first Nokia. Eventually I decided it was taking TOO LONG and I wasn’t being strict enough of myself. Most the time I found a shot of my best friend who looked so sweet in a particular shot, but it told nothing of my filmmaking skill or script writing, therefore I had to learn to scrap what was useless to me. From work experience I have been told you are lucky if a producer watches 40 seconds of your work, so they recommended to me making a 60 second showreel that established quickly a range of projects then explained in more detail, depending on the genre you’re going for. I experimented through YouTube, of course my home! I made a 1:30minute showreel for anyone to watch and asked for feedback. I was told it was a good length but didn’t need certain shots and sound wasn’t very good, so I went back and edited. THIS WAS SO HELPFUL, I can’t recommended feedback more! Finally on my fourth draft I’d finished! I used royalty free music, my friend made music for me because I wasn’t sure what universities would think of me using particular songs and I wanted to be able to say that everything was from scratch and linked to me in some way, but if you don’t have a friend lovely enough to give up their time and create then I recommended this site for royalty free music:

My tops tips would be:

1.Think of every aspect, sound/shots/editing and make sure it shows your best work. If one particular shot gives you hardly anything to talk about then scrap it.

2.Try not to have too much sound on it, for example don’t jumble lyrics of a song to your own dialogue because someone watching it may ask you to talk them through it and you want everything to be clear.

3.Create drafts, get feedback, improve, ALWAYS!

I wish you all luck with universities, jobs, ideas the lot and hope this was helpful to at least one person out there. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment or tweet me @HisLittleEmoo, because as you know I love feedback!

Uckfield FM starring Rebecca Walling – By Alice Stansfield

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Young Rebecca Walling of East Sussex has landed herself the role of ‘co-presenting a show every Tuesday from 7-9pm’ called ‘Showtime’. The show features ‘music from films and musicals’. Rebecca continues to say ‘we do film and theatre reviews and things as well.’ Tomorrow (Tuesday 27th November) the person Rebecca usual presents with is away and so for the first time she will be running the show solo. She said she is ‘rather nervous’ but is sure she will be fun and I’m sure we all wish her the best of luck.


How did you get to be on Uckfield FM?


I got involved because I was interested in broadcasting and so saw Uk fm as a good opportunity. We asked around and a family friend knows one or two of the presenters who put me in touch with the chairman, Mike Skinner. I explained my interest and sat in on a few of the shows, and when I came to see Phil on Showtime I really enjoyed it and we got on really well. Then I started to become more involved in bits and pieces until finally I was trained up on the equipment and co-presenting with him!


What’s it like recording?


Well we don’t really record shows because we do everything live which of course can initially feel quite daunting but it’s great fun once you get into the swing of it and start interacting with the listeners on the chat room or through requests.


Have you done anything like this before?


I’ve not done anything like it before, no. It’s my first step towards getting experience in broadcasting and radio which will hopefully fair me well for the future. And of course I love doing it because the show’s right up my street in terms of content and I get on really well with the other presenters as well.


What do you enjoy talking about the most on the show?


What I enjoy most on the show is, when we get the chance, doing film and theatre reviews because film and theatre is something that I’m really interested in and enjoy sharing my views with the listeners.

You can listen to the show live on Uckfield FM’s website so be sure to tune in tomorrow.

I am sure Rebecca would love to know what you think of the show so please comment below or email and I will forward your feedback.

Thank you for reading.

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Featured Creative – Bryony Hacker – Visual Artist and Campaigner

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17 year old Bryony Hacker has just completed her Extended Project Qualification. So what topic did she choose to study? Make a short film, like someone I know; study how to make a bridge; write a very long essay about wars in History?

No to all of those actually. She created a National Speed Limit sign out of Deer Skulls that she had collected on the side of her road. This road is the A22 on Ashdown Forest. Her aim was to raise awareness about dangerous driving on this road towards deer. She targeted teenagers at the college who are learning to driving or already driving to talk about her issue.

Bryony currently studies art photography at college in Uckfield and is aiming to go on to Art Foundation next year. This project not only raise awareness, but allowed her to create a sculpture with her artistic skills.

I spoke to Bryony after her presentation to her fellow students about the project.

What inspired you to create your sculpture?

I live beside a road which has the most deer collisions on in the UK. It has around 300 deer that die yearly on the road due to car collisions. Human fatalities happen as well (about once a year), but most people don’t know the figures because every thing is ‘dealt with’ by the forest rangers and the police. I wanted to raise awareness of this, even if I had to do it in a very visual way. All the sculls found on the sculpture have been deer hit on the road literally on my doorstep.

How long did it take to collect skulls and make the sculpture?

My brother and I collected the skulls when we were little.. every few months from about the age of 7, we walked along the road with tesco bags. Every time we went we collected about 3 bags full, so I guess i’ve been collecting on and off for about 10 years. I didn’t use all of them in the sculpture! And I’d say it took about 10 hours in total.

You have much news coverage planned, for example the local news paper, is this helping to promote this message?

I am intending to be in 2 local newspapers in the next few months, and hopefully in time get onto the BBC news. I think this would be fantastic because then people all over the country would know about the danger, and would maybe take more care when crossing the road; instead of driving way over 60mph with no realisation of what could jump in front of them. When the media coverage is finished, I think it will be very memorable still to drivers on the road.


Although the project is finished, Bryony’s campaign has not. She is starting a petition to have the speed limit lowered on the road. If you wish to know more about how you can help please comment on this post or email and I will contact Bryony directly.

Thank you for reading.
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Review: ‘Skyfall’

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What ever happened to saving the world from world domination?

Here is my review of the new James Bond film, ‘Skyfall’ (2012), throughout my improvised honest opinion review I compared the film to the new Mission Impossible film ‘Ghost Protocol’.


I would love to know what others thought of the film and the James Bond series, is it coming to it’s end?

More review videos soon.

AND – CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY – any animators out there? Looking to promote someone’s work in return for a small 15 second or less animation to use at the start of a video, they will be full credited, promoted in an article, video and more. Please comment or email me if interested in any way, or can offer any other skills (stop motion, music, etc.) or Tweet me @HisLittleEmoo.


The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon – A New Book By D C Stansfield

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Here is the book cover designed by D C Stansfield, photograph starring Joseph Jameson, photographed/edited/printed by Alice Stansfield.

(Picture above features Joseph Jameson mentioned here:

D C Stansfield has completed his first ever book – and, what’s this!? HE’S BEEN PUBLISHED! On the new form of ‘book’, an ‘Ebook’ on Kindle! Named, ‘The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon’ it’s the first book in the series of three which he is hoping to write if the book is popular enough.

Why do I sound so excited? Well D C Stansfield is my father and I am a very proud and inspired daughter to have another creative in the family. So far the book has received 99% 5 Star satisfaction on the UK Amazon store, with only 1% voting 4 stars (which is still high!)

A short summary of the book (adaptation of the blurb):

It was all going so well for Peter Lee’s drug empire. The only small annoyance had come from a little old lady who owned of all things a small corner shop. She had refused to accept any of his little parcels and wanted to go to the police, so she’d been given two bullets, the ‘double tap’, both to shut her up and to send a message to everyone else in the network.

Unknown to Lee she was married to a specialist, a man who, in a former life killed men for a living. He had two friends, one a gatherer of information, the master in his field, one a breaker of men, who was so vicious that it was rumoured that each time he hit a man he cut him. Each of these three men had spent thirty years and more playing the ‘great game’. Inside the security company called ‘The Firm’ they were legends known only as The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon.

Now living at the edge of the secret world and about to disappear into history, this atrocity had brought them back centre stage but the question is, do they still have what it takes to go up against today’s hard men?

I am currently reading the book and already stuck in, loving it, although can’t get the vision of my dad out my head which it amusing when you follow the storyline. We are a very proud household to say the least.

But how does one promote a book when one knows nothing about ‘publishing and advertising?’ Well, my dad came to the right place. ME. YouTuber/Tweeter/Tumblr/Facebooker/Genereal-confident-girl-in-emailing-companies/Currently-doing-media-work-experience and Creatabot blogger. (Most of the words are made up I will admit, but my point still stands). Therefore I’m spreading the word as best I can. Although, don’t feel I need to as sales have rocketed as one might say! It’s going rather well for it’s first WEEK out on the web!

Here you can watch a video where I give you all the details on the book, and in a couple of weeks I will be doing a full review of my opinion and it won’t be bias because he’s my dad I’ve told him I want to be honest. I am encouraging others to join me, read the book in my ‘by the end of November challenge’ (meaning read the whole book by the end of November) comment or send me your review on and I will be making a Review video with honest opinions from as many people as possible. I’d love you to be one of them.

In return, I will be mentioning your YouTube channel, blog post, website etc on my video so promoting everyone as we go. If you don’t want anything promoted or want to remain anonymous that’s fine too. If you have any questions for the author himself I’m sure I can persuade him (in other words, he’d love to) personally email you.

In summary –

The book is called ‘The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon’.

It’s available here on Kindle:

Free Sample Sample:…

It costs only £1.53 and is available on the American Amazon (.com rather than

My email is for any questions and honest reviews.

Thank you for reading.

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‘Robin’ – EPQ Short Film by Alice Stansfield (2012)


5 months of planning, filming, editing and as of today releasing – I am exhausted!

An EPQ is an Extended Project Qualification, recommended to A level students to gain extra UCAS points and research into a topic they love. My title was ‘How have the ‘Batman’ comics been adapted to screen?’ I wanted to focus on specifically the narrative of a Batman comic and how Directors and Screenwriters adapted these original comics into the new films we have today, which almost rewrite the superhero genre. Within this project I made a log (written analysis documentation of all my research and shows my process of making my short film); an essay answering my question; presenting my EPQ (which I did today) and finally my short film.

I am a seventeen year old student who is dreaming and pursuing a career in film production. This film is not, I admit and repeat NOT my best work. Let me explain, I put my heart and soul into this project, but an EPQ is all about ‘process’ and ‘reflection’ therefore I needed to make mistakes to improve and show my thought process. The reason I have released my short film whilst I still feel doubts with it is because I have learnt from the issues included in it: audio quality and fight scenes for example are two areas I feel are major flaws, but now I can improve on them. Without doing this project I would not be able to create better videos in the future. I have future videos currently in editing and already I see a mass improvement.

My Christmas currently consisits of: a green screen, a filming production light set, final cut pro X and a boom mic. Yes, I have learnt how important professional equipment is. Although, I would like to pop out I spent no money on this project, there was no budget. Proof that you can make a film purely through connections (for example knowing someone who works at a local police station such as I did) and through trial and error.

Today I presented my EPQ to over twenty people at my college, and even manage to get a round of applause, which I much appreciated. Therefore today I felt was the right time to release my film to the people of the internet. At the top is my film and here are the links to other videos leading up to my short film. I really hope you enjoy and comments on YouTube as feedback are most appreciated.

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Music and Lyrics – Creating a Music Video

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Here I am, A YouTuber who makes a lot of videos, but never my own music video. In the past I made one in a group of a song I wrote, then again in a group with my lyrics and now on my own I have produced my third music video of my lyrics (music by Joe Humber) uniquely to my YouTube channel.

So what is the story of my new song ‘Our Story’ beside the music?

Before Summer 2012 I wrote a song, originally unnamed but referred to as ‘The Next Chapter’, and proposed it to my friend Joe to record and make into an actual listenable song rather than words on screen. He agreed. One day travelling back from London I checked my Facebook messages and found he had sent me a demo of the song. I listened, and fell in love with hearing my lyrics as music. Immediately I told him this is what I wanted for the video and he set to work improving. Recording also took place with my friend Molly, however due to Joe moving to University his computer got damaged and we no longer have the file of both of them singing. Upset and annoyed by this misfortune I still decided to release the song with the video since we all worked hard.

A few viewers have asked me what the song is about, I say the answer is in the lyrics.

Moving on the the process of making it. When making any production it must go through three stages: pre production; production and post production.

PRE-PRODUCTION: This automatically began subconsciously when I wrote the song. Ideas for what to film were everyone in my mind, bubbling up ideas. Originally my storyboard was to use post it notes (as seen in the video with the love heart Molly draws) as messages that the couple used to send to each other. However, the lyrics didn’t seem to fit as dialogue for post it notes so I didn’t want to use them but didn’t want to add to many words to the screen. Instead I decided to portray the lyrics naturally with Joe and Molly acting as a real couple going through their ‘story’ – meeting, love, laughter, happiness, arguments, tears, missing each other, anger and so on.

PRODUCTION – Unlike most projects, beside vlogs, filming only took a few hours of one day. Stopping in-between shots due to weather conditions (however the rain was good pathetic fallacy) filming was otherwise successful. Most ideas came on set. Often in preproduction I’ll storyboard everything and have a shot list, but with this I decided as the cast was a minimum we could create some unique and improvised. First we filmed the fights in the house; moved on to the scenes in the field after a lunch break; walked along the roads; and finished at another house for more shots. The majority of filming took place in the field with the paper, ripping up the story. This idea came on the day when I was on the bus over to our location and I’d brought Romeo and Juliet book with me, I thought it worked well.

POST PRODUCTION – Editing went well, as I had a new laptop it was more of a practice using iMovie, although personally I prefer and wish for Final Cut Pro, but due to the expense I’ll wait for Christmas. However, the wonders of video editing could still be explored on iMovie through tutorials, but it’s so easy to use you don’t need guidance to be honest. I made different versions of the videos (which I advise when unclear on final outcome) and decided on what I preferred and didn’t.

Your original idea will always be different to the outcome, sometimes this is good sometimes this is bad, you need to find the balance.

With this I feel I found a balance, I came with what I feel it a good outcome for an experimental video.

Attached to this article are other music videos I have made of which I would love feedback to see how I can improve.

Hoping to post more soon!

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Robin EPQ Trailer – By Alice Stansfield

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Here is a short trailer for my EPQ short film based on Dick Grayson becoming Robin.
Music by the awesomesauce music man Harry Volker.

EPQ stands for Extended Project Qualification normally taken at AS level to gain another qualification. If you’ve been following my vlogs (video blogs) on my YouTube Channel (which just reached over 100 subscribers) then you will know all about my project.

I’ve been making a short film based on the original Batman comics focussing particular of the character of Dick Grayson, who for you non-Batman-nerds was the first Robin, The Boy Wonder.

I wanted to take the originally screen portrayed camp Robin from cheesy to dark. Therefore I set his story all in one day and his meeting with the Batman’s enemy The Joker in Robin’s early days at college. This is the story of how Grayson becomes Robins.

This is the trailer I recently released on the project to receive feedback to go in my project folder.

Soon the final shot film will be public. If you want to know when and for more updates follow me on Twitter: @HisLittleEmoo.

My Experience of Saturday Film School – By Alice Stansfield

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Film maker?

Camera man?




Film lover in general?

Then this video has something for you.

I attended a course by Raindance called Saturday Film School up in London. After taking notes on the all day course last weekend I decided to sum them up in a video to help share the information. Enjoy!

The course was a great way to spend a Saturday. I managed to get a voucher off a website after finding out about the event via Twitter so it was much cheaper. I think I was the youngest there amongst around 200 people but everyone was really smiley and was a great way to get connections by talking to everyone there who had a love for film and a talent in the industry.

I sat next to a women, for example, who loves film and came to the course as a present from a friend. She works at a hospital that is used on film locations often and really loves that side of the industry. It was great to hear from someone who isn’t in the industry but still has a passion for it.

I hope to visit again and attend a longer course to really build up my skills!

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Summer In The City 2012 – The YouTubers Meet-up!

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Over Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of August YouTube were running a gathering/meet up of Youtubers for free in Lodnon at The Brewery. I attended the Friday gathering and met some of the biggest YouTubers, including: Crabsitckz, Tom Ska and Liam Dryden.

The Brewery’s rooms held over 5000 YouTubers over the three days, spanning outside on the Sunday. The rooms each contained something different to create a social and creative atmosphere to meet people we have watched and admired and people we met for the first time. Downstairs was the open mic area where many YouTubers brought their ukuleles. Next door was the games room featuring Twister, Jenga and Alex Day’s card game Sopio. I myself bought a pack of Sopio cards after winning my first game. It’s highly addicted and really a great card game for anyone.

Upstairs was the gathering hall and smoothie centre. This is where free smoothies were given out and access to the internet was given to sit on a beanbag and search the web. The gathering hall featured mainly signings of hit YouTubers where the fan girls had caught them and pushed them to a corner to gain a hug, signed autograph and more. There was also a ball pit to dive into and if you found a duck you won a free Tshirt. I attempted the ball pit but with the amount of people I thought I wouldn’t make it out!

Upstairs was the gig hall, once again filled withYouTuber signings and a stage. This stage was used in the evening for performances from Jack and Dean (YouTuber comedians) and musicians such as Carrie Fletcher and MusicalBethan. The gig was live streamed on YouTube on the Saturday night.

The gathering was a very successful time and I enjoyed my full 11 hours I was out in London for to attend the event, although my feet ached a lot the next day but it was worth it.

I also got recognised for the first time as a YouTuber since I have now reached over 110 subscribers!

Attached to this article is the video I made on the event, watch to see some YouTubers I met you may know and learn more about the event which I aim to attend next year!

By Alice Stansfield

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Why Superheroes Inspire Me – By Alice Stansfield


Dressed as Robin for my short film EPQ, I took the oppurtunity to make a vlog about superheroes and why they inspire me.

Please subscribe to my channel.

Short film coming soon!

By Alice Stansfield

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SDNA and Digitalize – Brighton

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As part of my work experience, I helped out at on a Brighton Museum and Art Gallery Exhibition today and thought it was so brilliant you need to know about it. Over the next week (Today Tuesday till Saturday of this week) a Digital Art company called SDNA ( with Ellie Newland, are setting up an art exhibition for people to get involved with and on Saturday there will be a showcase of the work. The exhibiton is called ‘Digitalize – an artist in residence project’.

Here is an example creature of which I created.

The public can get involved throughout this week by visiting the free exhibition and creating a creature of their imagination. This creature is constructed out of paper of photographs from other exhibitions present in the gallery, particularly from World Stories:Young Voices.

These creations are then photographed and using SDNA’s software they will create animations to bring these creatures to life. They will then be projected on to art cabinets to display to others as they move and the public to interact with.

Another way to get involved is to take part in an interview. This interview is asking questions about what you think of the afterlife, what things would you take with you and what you would look like as a mythological creature. The answers people were giving were fantastic from taking their Pokemon cards into the afterlife to describing themselves as creatures with giant wings and a hippo’s head. These recordings over the week will create the soundtrack to accompany the projections of the creatures and text of quote’s people have said from interviews and post it notes from another exhibition where people have answered more questions.

This is taking place free in Brighton throughout this week, so with this weather why not pop in then spend some time on the beach!?

For more details:

Royal Pavilion Gardens
East Sussex
United Kingdom
Telephone 03000 290900
Fax  03000 290908

Opening times

Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm

Closed Mondays (except Bank Holidays 10am-5pm)

(World Art gallery closed for redevelopment 3 January to 22 June 2012)

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Any Questions, Uckfield? – By Alice Stansfield

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Earlier this year, students from Uckfield Community Technology College studying politics, philosophy and critical thinking won a competition to have the BBC Radio 4 show ‘Any Questions’ broadcast live from the school on Friday 13 July. Although Friday 13th is known for bringing bad luck, the evening went very well and described as ‘successful’ by one of the teachers running the event, Dan Buschle. Attending the event beside an audience made up of parents, teachers and students were the panelists: David Starkey, Liz Kendall, Jeremy Hunt, Matthew Oakshot and with presenter Jonathan Dimbleby.


At the beginning of the event, Charles Hendry said it was ‘brilliant that students had put this together and was pleased to see how the night would go’ as at that moment students were still preparing back stage. What the audience didn’t see was behind the stage were students and some of the panelists choosing questions that audience members has submitted to be discussed on the show and then ten individuals were selected to be on air. One question submitted was by a student named James Baker. His question ‘Has the recent Tory blocking of the Liberal Democrats plans for Lord’s reform sparked the beginning of the end of the coalition government?’ was discussed on air.

Liz Kendall began with ‘it’s a good question’ and that it’s relevant to what’s been ‘discussed at Westminster at the moment’. This was the most discussed question of the night. Kendall continued the discussion to say that ‘Where do we want to take the country? When David Cameron was asked why he wanted to become Prime Minster he said because he thought he’d be rather good at it. You might question that.’ She seemed to be the best speaker of the night gaining the majority of applause from the audience, as Matthew Oakshot remarked as having the student’s ‘parents well trained’.


Kendall mentioned earlier ‘Politics seems so small when the problems seem so big’ and this seemed to summarise well how some audience members felt and wanted to know what was being done about it.

After the event some people involved in the event went to the Green Room to discuss the evening’s questions further off air. David Starkey said that the evening was ‘alright, but the politicians were extremely dull weren’t they? I suppose it comes with the job’. Assuming he was speaking from a student view of politicians this seems to mean he enjoyed the evening. Whereas Matthew Oakshot said how it was ‘the first time’ he’d been on the show, but loved the school’s ‘buzzy atmosphere’ and ‘wonderful students’ who made him ‘feel at home’.


Special thanks go to all the panelists and members of the BBC for bringing the event to Uckfield; the students for winning the competition, Dan Buschle; Helena Read; Nick Stoker and the music department for organising sound and equipment; members of the audience and everyone else involved who helped bring the wonderful evening together.


Content and interviews by Alice Stansfield, photography by Carl Goldsmith. 

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‘Hang On A Minute Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea’ – Unique Exhibition In Bexhill – 7th July to 1st October 2012

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Having a dad who loves the brilliant well known film ‘The Italian Job’ I was dragged down to the de la warr pavilion in Bexhill this weekend. However, what I was to find was not a ‘dull’ art exhibition, but a full size bus hanging off the roof.

Taken by Alice Stansfield, 08/07/2012

From the 7th July throughout summer this year the exhibition on the roof on the pavilion is art inspired by the final scene of the movie ‘The Italian Job’. Commission by Richard Wilson, sculptor Richard Wilson’s work fills the roof for a very action packed photograph. Known as his most ‘daring work’ the bus is a replica on the coach in the film balanced on the roof and moving to really resemble the finally scene of the classic film.

Inside the pavilion is details about how the coach was put up and some details on the film. All I really felt this needed to improve the experience was some blinds on the coach as the windows are instead blurred out to make it really look like a model, where instead I feel they could have gone all out to make it look like a real coach. Although driving up to it was scary enough to make anyone believe it was about to fall!

The best part, it’s free and you get a lovely view of Bexhill!

Photo taken by Alice Stansfield, 08/07/2012

Photo taken by Alice Stansfield, 08/07/2012

Also inside the pavilion are other art exhibition rooms. Gallery 1, which is open to September 16th, is titled ‘Everything Flows: the art of getting in the zone’. It features ‘moving image works’ inspired by succeeding in sport, again all free with the option to give a donation for more things like this to happen.

You can always finish the day in the cafe or on the beach. A lovely day out this summer for all the family, as they say.

By Alice Stansfield.

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MUNGA – By Alice Stansfield


“Nations shall not lift Sword against Nation Neither shall they learn War any more”  Micah 4:3

Although the title could stand for many things it actually stands for: Model United Nations General Assembly.

The event took place at Uckfield Community Technology College, one of the only colleges that holds a MUNGA for their sixth form students,  on Friday 29th June. After a few days of research preparation for the students, and a quite a few weeks of preparing the event by staff, it all came together. The event allows students to learn the process of debating and research into sections known as resolutions: Universal Primary Education; Gender Equality; Environmental Sustainability; Crime and Punishment; and Migration. Each group of students had a country they had to research, for example I was a delegate for Russia and then was in the Environmental Sustainability resolution.

After a welcome by Principal and Secretary General and opening statements from delegates, resolution debating sessions began. Separated from teams and put into rooms with nobody else from your country meant you had to know your stuff! Promoted by a member of staff, known as the Chairman of the debate, students promptly began debating.

As an example of what happen in the rooms,  the Environmental Sustainability debate began strongly ,promoted by the Chairman Chris Brooks, focussing on ‘further demands that Japan stops hunting whales and fishing on industrial levels using factory ships worldwide’ due to the destruction it causes. The delegate from Japan (Will Baker) began to debate why what they do is a good thing compared to other situations that other countries cause, but the delegates from China (Luke Lee Brewin) and Palestine (Jack Ashdown) demanded there be a change. After much debate of what needed to be done the resolution was changed to say it would be revisited in a few years. From this the students learnt how to debate and how a MUNGA is normally run where resolutions can be changed.

Thankful for a large buffet lunch provided by the college, students returned to the main hall to report back what had happened in separate resolutions and then begin debating as a whole country about Human Rights. Palestine, China, America, Russia and Israel were big speakers in the hall, along with other countries, on debating the issue of differences in Human Rights. The Secretary General ran the debate and helped organise the students to debate towards changing resolutions in order of what the majority voted for.

On Monday 2nd July students were presented in assembly with certificates for the day with thanks to them and all the staff who helped out with the event, which occurs annually and is a great event to learn new skills, information and to add to CV’s. The day had clearly been a success with comments it has been ‘The best we’re ever had’, but will they top it next year?

Special thanks have to go to Mr Williams, Mr Simmons and all the teachers who were Chairman’s and assistant chairman’s on the day.

By Alice Stansfield.

Alice Stansfield your friendly neighbourhood blogger!

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Draw Your ‘art’ Out! – By Alice Stansfield

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Last night (20/06/12) at Uckfield Community College, East Sussex, students from year 12 to year 13 (6th form) displayed all their hard work throughout the last year in the art and photography department. The creativity of the students was clearly displayed across three class rooms that had been transformed to create the exhibitions.

Work shown ranged from finger paintings; photo shoots; all the way to projections. This will be the students worked that will be sent out to exam boards to give them a final grade. Nearly everything shown should take pride of place in a London art exhibition.

The inspiration of the pieces were given by themes, such as ‘mood’ and ‘changing beauty’ of which the pieces of photos were created. However this wasn’t all created in a classroom. Some work was taken in the school’s photography studio, of which I myself have been in to be a model and it’s a very enjoyable experience as the students I worked with were professional with everything they did.

The art was shown all over the classroom walls on canvas and taking up entire walls. From pictures of cats to waterfalls and portraits the talent shown was remarkable, making the evening a success. All they needed was the examiners to visit and see people’s reaction to the work to give out amazing marks they deserve.

Each piece of work came with a project book explaining the process of completing the project. Although some were hard to read as the pages were completely full, they represented the creative minds overflowing.

The school should hold more evenings like this and advisable to other school’s in order to display the student’s work of which they should be proud of!

You can watch a video of the event here, featuring a vast amount of the work: 

By Alice Stansfield.

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With stars in their eyes, students from Uckfield and Beacon, in East Sussex, met at Uckfield Picture House for an award ceremony of their film studies and media studies project finished exam pieces.

This award ceremony has taken place every year for the past six years with an afternoon of watching the student’s work, whether it be music videos or trailers, and then giving out awards in categories for hard work successfully achieved.

Every college should celebrate the students work in such style like this event!

Speeches from students were short and sweet, but overall the evening was enjoyable as always.

Explaining the event (and an award I received):

This also mentions a new YouTube mini series coming soon!

Below is a picture of the winners with their smiles and prizes.

By Alice Stansfield.

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‘A Monster Hit’ – Review of Frankenstein


That quote as the title, taken from ‘Time Out’ does not give justice to the amazement my eyes just saw. I have just witnessed the encore screening of Danny Boyle’s adaptation for the stage of ‘Frankenstein’ shown at Uckfield Picture House and other cinemas across the UK as part of the National Theatre.

Mary Shelly’s original is undoubtably a narrative beyond its time and Boyle’s new creation creates a distort and unbelievable production. The staging is original, unique and so simple it’s complex. I say this because of the limited props on stage at any time, but how this created a new world to the audience to view moveable scenery, a revolving stage and a forever flowing performance scene after scene.

Now I only say this on screen of the live performance and not the physical experience of being there myself, much as I would have love to. But this opportunity put forward by the National Theatre is one to take advantage of! Especially for a drama and media student like myself. Starring the remarkable Benedict Cumberbatch, who you and I must love from ‘Sherlock’, this brings him into a new level of powerful acting. I saw him as the monster, but the actor himself changes roles on performances with the incredible Jonny Lee Miller. Both actors were like brothers, but the creature and the creator portrayed some of the best acting I have ever seen. Once the play had finished I realised I was actually in a cinema and not caught up in a corrupt cruel world.

Studying the gothic genre in English Literature this year I will luckily be studying Frankenstein and find this an inspiration to my work and a starting point for what I think will become one of my most passionately loved stories. I recommend to you all to see this if you have a chance: or any of the National Theatre plays, it’s a whole new experience and revolution in what on-screen and in theatre can create, where will we go next?

On the official website I looked up whether a DVD of the production will be made:

‘We have no plans to release a DVD. We know from letters, tweets and emails that a great many people wanted another chance to see the production – and these encore screenings have been scheduled in response to that huge public demand. Our rights arrangements with actors and crew don’t currently permit DVD release, and we’re also keen for as many people as possible to experience the broadcasts in the format for which they were created: broadcast in HD to cinemas.’

I can tell them now if they do make a DVD this is something I will watch over and over and over and over again. I believe something new can be found in it every time.

Before the play itself was shown a small film on behind the scenes in rehearsal was shown which was a huge insight into creating the world on stage. To be part of that workshop must have been thrilling.

This is something that has changed my view on acting on stage and spilled my imagination on ideas for my drama devised piece for my exam this year.

By Alice Stansfield.

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More productions can be found here:

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Cape Crusaders Overpowering Action Man?


For my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) I am studying the superhero genre linking to me studying media studies. I am only at the early stages of research, but so far a recurring theme of reports I am reading are about the superhero genre replacing the action genre as it ‘fades away’.

Recently, ‘The Avengers’ has been known to be seen as the biggest superhero film of all time, beating ‘The Dark Knight’ and other releases. This film contains many superheroes, such as The Hulk, Thor and Captain America. However, this film does contain action, but is put into the ‘superhero’ genre as it’s a comic adaptation and also the given that there are men in capes flying around saving the world, as usual.

As I point out in my vlog here it is the year ‘OF THE SUPERHEROES’ and will be a genre that will be across the media and magazine covers throughout this year making comic books popular with newbies and even something that inspire my EPQ. (more details in future articles).

Genres do adapt and change over time to fit the audience, I am seeing much evidence of this in my project through the superhero genre specifically with Batman who went from a cheesy light heart adaptation to a Gothic blurred line between hero and villain. So the superhero genre will most likely always appear as having elements of action due to the good VS evil fights, but using hybrid genres these have also contained elements of comedy (*spoiler* In ‘The Avengers’ the fight between Hulk and Loki) and romance (*spoiler* In ‘Spiderman’ (1) the upside down kiss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane).

But does this mean the attachment of action and superhero will make action alone die out? From the looks of things the answer is no, most genres will never fully die out – so it seems. The genre may simply ‘fade out’, as put forward by Sylvester Stallone.

‘As Sly told Entertainment Tonight days ago: “This genre, unfortunately, is becoming… let’s just say it’s fading away.”’ (13/06/12)

Maybe Stallone or ‘Sly’ is right, even though ‘The Expendables’ earned more at the box office than the superhero ‘Green Lantern’.

Personally I feel the superhero genre is as powerful now as it will ever be what we Robert Downey Jr. signing up for six films all together this year: 3 ‘Iron Man’ and 3 ‘The Avengers’. Maybe the superhero genre will fade away for a while after bombarding the media and it’s audience throughout the last year and the next. Hopefully though it is a genre that won’t fade out for to long if it does as superheroes is something we all need in our lives, even if it is just on the screen or a comic book.

By Alice Stansfield.

Alice Stansfield your friendly neighbourhood blogger!

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YouTube – The New TV? – By Alice Stansfield



We went from no television, to black and white, to colour and now the internet – to sum up our channel viewing quickly. Our technology is forever advancing, but where will it go next? Across the media platforms: print, broadcast and emedia, it is clear to see the popularity of emedia constantly growing in the new generations, but will broadcast via television die out?

The simple answer is we don’t know, but in some way or another it will always continue as we advance in technology. Whether it be posting a video on the internet or watching the next series of Sherlock on your sofa seeing if you can work the mystery out before the man himself, broadcast will always be around.

However, a popular form of broadcast lately has been a convergence of emedia and broadcast on a very popular website ‘YouTube’. YouTube, as Wikipedia defines, is ‘a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in February 2005. The name and logo of the company are an allusion to the cathode ray tube, a display device used since the early days of electronic television. This website has proved popular in the last few years with a certain species known as ‘vloggers.’ If you don’t know what a vlogger is it is a person who makes video blogs or to dumb it down – an individual who sits in front of a camera and talks about their life (I am one of those people and proud to say so!).

The reason vlogging has become so popular over the years is that anyone can make a vlog. Yes even you. The reasons it seems so popular is it’s free to upload; free to get feedback and a great way to share your content. YouTube isn’t only a place for vloggers, anyone can upload anything whether it be…

a music video

a short film

or a video of their cat looking adorable

But why am I suggesting this could become ‘the new TV’? Well, like I said, the generation of today is moving more towards emedia than any other platform. Possibly due to user generated content (UGC) of putting your own information online and the internet becoming so powerful. With this mass audience open to the online virtual world 24/7 it seems silly not to consider the fact that the internet is the perfect place to, as YouTube says, ‘broadcast yourself’.

BBC themselves have their iplayer available on their website for those who don’t wish to watch the programme on TV at the time it’s on or don’t have time to, etc. As you can Subscribe on YouTube (meaning you would get updates about that channel when they upload a video) it becomes an online TV for yourself to view who you want when you want. Therefore, in the future if we are so glued to the laptop screen now, then who is to say we won’t move from our TV screen to permanently look at the internet to watch when we want.

Yes, however, there is now the option on things like the Sky Box to have On Demand settings meaning you can record programmes and watch them when you choose to, but the internet is somewhere where you have it all in one place. So I can see why YouTube itself may not become ‘the new TV’ but the internet itself may take over the idea of a family sitting down on a Saturday evening with their dinner trays to watch the latest episode of ‘Doctor Who’, because of this on demand system.

This isn’t a good or bad thing, it’s just another thing that moves with the times, keeping up with the generations which are forever changing. Either way the idea of a story being told through word of mouth, reading or watching will always be in place. YouTube is just one of the websites that gives the opportunity to get yourself out there and allow others to see you rather than fight for an audition to appear on the big screen, the little screen is just as good – and by the looks of things has more viewers. So just think, what will you be watching?

By Alice Stansfield.

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