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As part of my work experience, I helped out at on a Brighton Museum and Art Gallery Exhibition today and thought it was so brilliant you need to know about it. Over the next week (Today Tuesday till Saturday of this week) a Digital Art company called SDNA ( with Ellie Newland, are setting up an art exhibition for people to get involved with and on Saturday there will be a showcase of the work. The exhibiton is called ‘Digitalize – an artist in residence project’.

Here is an example creature of which I created.

The public can get involved throughout this week by visiting the free exhibition and creating a creature of their imagination. This creature is constructed out of paper of photographs from other exhibitions present in the gallery, particularly from World Stories:Young Voices.

These creations are then photographed and using SDNA’s software they will create animations to bring these creatures to life. They will then be projected on to art cabinets to display to others as they move and the public to interact with.

Another way to get involved is to take part in an interview. This interview is asking questions about what you think of the afterlife, what things would you take with you and what you would look like as a mythological creature. The answers people were giving were fantastic from taking their Pokemon cards into the afterlife to describing themselves as creatures with giant wings and a hippo’s head. These recordings over the week will create the soundtrack to accompany the projections of the creatures and text of quote’s people have said from interviews and post it notes from another exhibition where people have answered more questions.

This is taking place free in Brighton throughout this week, so with this weather why not pop in then spend some time on the beach!?

For more details:

Royal Pavilion Gardens
East Sussex
United Kingdom
Telephone 03000 290900
Fax  03000 290908

Opening times

Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm

Closed Mondays (except Bank Holidays 10am-5pm)

(World Art gallery closed for redevelopment 3 January to 22 June 2012)

Alice Stansfield your friendly neighbourhood vlogger:

Feel free to Tweet me if you have any questions or feedback:  @hislittleemoo

Email me for anything extra:

Area – South East

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