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‘Robin’ – EPQ Short Film by Alice Stansfield (2012)

5 months of planning, filming, editing and as of today releasing – I am exhausted!

An EPQ is an Extended Project Qualification, recommended to A level students to gain extra UCAS points and research into a topic they love. My title was ‘How have the ‘Batman’ comics been adapted to screen?’ I wanted to focus on specifically the narrative of a Batman comic and how Directors and Screenwriters adapted these original comics into the new films we have today, which almost rewrite the superhero genre. Within this project I made a log (written analysis documentation of all my research and shows my process of making my short film); an essay answering my question; presenting my EPQ (which I did today) and finally my short film.

I am a seventeen year old student who is dreaming and pursuing a career in film production. This film is not, I admit and repeat NOT my best work. Let me explain, I put my heart and soul into this project, but an EPQ is all about ‘process’ and ‘reflection’ therefore I needed to make mistakes to improve and show my thought process. The reason I have released my short film whilst I still feel doubts with it is because I have learnt from the issues included in it: audio quality and fight scenes for example are two areas I feel are major flaws, but now I can improve on them. Without doing this project I would not be able to create better videos in the future. I have future videos currently in editing and already I see a mass improvement.

My Christmas currently consisits of: a green screen, a filming production light set, final cut pro X and a boom mic. Yes, I have learnt how important professional equipment is. Although, I would like to pop out I spent no money on this project, there was no budget. Proof that you can make a film purely through connections (for example knowing someone who works at a local police station such as I did) and through trial and error.

Today I presented my EPQ to over twenty people at my college, and even manage to get a round of applause, which I much appreciated. Therefore today I felt was the right time to release my film to the people of the internet. At the top is my film and here are the links to other videos leading up to my short film. I really hope you enjoy and comments on YouTube as feedback are most appreciated.

By Alice Stansfield your friendly neighbourhood vlogger:

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