Review: ‘Skyfall’

Creative and Art Events

What ever happened to saving the world from world domination?

Here is my review of the new James Bond film, ‘Skyfall’ (2012), throughout my improvised honest opinion review I compared the film to the new Mission Impossible film ‘Ghost Protocol’.


I would love to know what others thought of the film and the James Bond series, is it coming to it’s end?

More review videos soon.

AND – CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY – any animators out there? Looking to promote someone’s work in return for a small 15 second or less animation to use at the start of a video, they will be full credited, promoted in an article, video and more. Please comment or email me if interested in any way, or can offer any other skills (stop motion, music, etc.) aostansfield@hotmail.co.uk or Tweet me @HisLittleEmoo.


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