MUNGA – By Alice Stansfield


“Nations shall not lift Sword against Nation Neither shall they learn War any more”  Micah 4:3

Although the title could stand for many things it actually stands for: Model United Nations General Assembly.

The event took place at Uckfield Community Technology College, one of the only colleges that holds a MUNGA for their sixth form students,  on Friday 29th June. After a few days of research preparation for the students, and a quite a few weeks of preparing the event by staff, it all came together. The event allows students to learn the process of debating and research into sections known as resolutions: Universal Primary Education; Gender Equality; Environmental Sustainability; Crime and Punishment; and Migration. Each group of students had a country they had to research, for example I was a delegate for Russia and then was in the Environmental Sustainability resolution.

After a welcome by Principal and Secretary General and opening statements from delegates, resolution debating sessions began. Separated from teams and put into rooms with nobody else from your country meant you had to know your stuff! Promoted by a member of staff, known as the Chairman of the debate, students promptly began debating.

As an example of what happen in the rooms,  the Environmental Sustainability debate began strongly ,promoted by the Chairman Chris Brooks, focussing on ‘further demands that Japan stops hunting whales and fishing on industrial levels using factory ships worldwide’ due to the destruction it causes. The delegate from Japan (Will Baker) began to debate why what they do is a good thing compared to other situations that other countries cause, but the delegates from China (Luke Lee Brewin) and Palestine (Jack Ashdown) demanded there be a change. After much debate of what needed to be done the resolution was changed to say it would be revisited in a few years. From this the students learnt how to debate and how a MUNGA is normally run where resolutions can be changed.

Thankful for a large buffet lunch provided by the college, students returned to the main hall to report back what had happened in separate resolutions and then begin debating as a whole country about Human Rights. Palestine, China, America, Russia and Israel were big speakers in the hall, along with other countries, on debating the issue of differences in Human Rights. The Secretary General ran the debate and helped organise the students to debate towards changing resolutions in order of what the majority voted for.

On Monday 2nd July students were presented in assembly with certificates for the day with thanks to them and all the staff who helped out with the event, which occurs annually and is a great event to learn new skills, information and to add to CV’s. The day had clearly been a success with comments it has been ‘The best we’re ever had’, but will they top it next year?

Special thanks have to go to Mr Williams, Mr Simmons and all the teachers who were Chairman’s and assistant chairman’s on the day.

By Alice Stansfield.

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