‘A Monster Hit’ – Review of Frankenstein


That quote as the title, taken from ‘Time Out’ does not give justice to the amazement my eyes just saw. I have just witnessed the encore screening of Danny Boyle’s adaptation for the stage of ‘Frankenstein’ shown at Uckfield Picture House and other cinemas across the UK as part of the National Theatre.

Mary Shelly’s original is undoubtably a narrative beyond its time and Boyle’s new creation creates a distort and unbelievable production. The staging is original, unique and so simple it’s complex. I say this because of the limited props on stage at any time, but how this created a new world to the audience to view moveable scenery, a revolving stage and a forever flowing performance scene after scene.

Now I only say this on screen of the live performance and not the physical experience of being there myself, much as I would have love to. But this opportunity put forward by the National Theatre is one to take advantage of! Especially for a drama and media student like myself. Starring the remarkable Benedict Cumberbatch, who you and I must love from ‘Sherlock’, this brings him into a new level of powerful acting. I saw him as the monster, but the actor himself changes roles on performances with the incredible Jonny Lee Miller. Both actors were like brothers, but the creature and the creator portrayed some of the best acting I have ever seen. Once the play had finished I realised I was actually in a cinema and not caught up in a corrupt cruel world.

Studying the gothic genre in English Literature this year I will luckily be studying Frankenstein and find this an inspiration to my work and a starting point for what I think will become one of my most passionately loved stories. I recommend to you all to see this if you have a chance: or any of the National Theatre plays, it’s a whole new experience and revolution in what on-screen and in theatre can create, where will we go next?

On the official website I looked up whether a DVD of the production will be made:

‘We have no plans to release a DVD. We know from letters, tweets and emails that a great many people wanted another chance to see the production – and these encore screenings have been scheduled in response to that huge public demand. Our rights arrangements with actors and crew don’t currently permit DVD release, and we’re also keen for as many people as possible to experience the broadcasts in the format for which they were created: broadcast in HD to cinemas.’


I can tell them now if they do make a DVD this is something I will watch over and over and over and over again. I believe something new can be found in it every time.

Before the play itself was shown a small film on behind the scenes in rehearsal was shown which was a huge insight into creating the world on stage. To be part of that workshop must have been thrilling.

This is something that has changed my view on acting on stage and spilled my imagination on ideas for my drama devised piece for my exam this year.

By Alice Stansfield.

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More productions can be found here: http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/ntlive

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INDIE GAME : THE MOVIE – Film Screening – 29th June 2012 – Rochester – Kent – UK

Creative and Art Events

Creatabot have their first event! And its a biggie! We are hosting the screening of INDIE GAME : THE MOVIE in Rochester, Kent on the 29th June 2012.

This brilliant film looks at the underdogs of the video game industry, indie game developers, who sacrifice money, health and sanity to realise their lifelong dreams of sharing their creative visions with the world.

Following the making of the games SUPER MEAT BOY, FEZ and BRAID, this Sundance award-winning film captures the tension and drama by focusing on these developers’ vulnerability and obsessive quest to express themselves through a 21st-century art form.

As you can tell, Creatabot treasures creativity so we are thrilled to be hosting this screening!

For more details about the film visit http://www.indiegamethemovie.com/about/

Details are as follows:


Ticket price: £6.60 BUY TICKETS

Date – 29th June 2012

Location – Rochester Visitor Information and Art Gallery – 95 High Street – 
 – Kent – ME1 1LX

Time:    Doors at 7.15pm       Film starts at 7.45pm

Popcorn and refreshments will be provided!

Attendees can also attend the Tigercats gig at the Deaf Cat for FREE – compliments of TEA concerts!


For more information please email natasha@creatabot.co.uk

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Tracey Emin – She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea – Margate Exhibition Review


Like most people my earliest memory of Tracy Emin’s work and most prominent is the unmade bed from 1999.

As time went on I discovered she studied in Medway at what is now known as UCA, and in the last few years she has held various exhibitions in the South East. On a recent visit to Margate I felt I couldn’t miss a walk around the Turner gallery to check out her current exhibition.

Something that I love is Emin’s neon writing work as it shows her variety of creativity. Unfortunately only two neon pieces make an appearance in this exhibition. Reflecting very much on her life’s history the work on display is very expressive with some containing text that gives extra input into the concept behind the piece.

My favourite piece was called furniture. It was part of a series of paintings that were of the same theme, but I felt they had an added depth to them compared to the other pieces in the exhibition as a whole. I do really like the blue ink on canvas, and this is the form of most of her pieces in the exhibition.

The majority of work on display were inspired by Turners female nudes, but personally I felt they lacked the warmth of an artist trying to capture the bodily form of a female. Of course Emin is often very open about her sexuality and this is nothing new, but I felt from the work that she captured an element of disappointment within her own sexuality, which of course was not really Turners aim in his erotic paintings – his nude paintings were often termed as beautiful. If you want an interesting read on that subject see “A Censorship story Goes Up In Smoke“.

A painting by Turner.

She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea, Tracey Emin.

There are a lot of repeats in the exhibition, which unfortunately I feel shows a lack of imagination in regards to a theme, and baring in mind 3 large rooms of the Turner gallery are taken up with repeat imagery until September, I can’t help but feel disappointed for the local art scene. I realise that a big name will attract numbers but I wonder how other artists will get to reach a big name status if so much space is taken up by one artist in what I feel should be a gallery for creatives no matter how big their audience.

I would be interested to hear how others feel about the exhibition…

Natasha Steer

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Call For Illustrator – Single Artwork

Creative / Artist Wanted

James Colah requires help from an illustrator to design cover art for his new single which will be available to download through iTunes. The track entitled ‘Cha Cha Chiwawa’ requires artwork of a Chiwawa dog dancing the Cha Cha Cha. 

James is a very successful Smooth Jazz artist and record producer with his music being played all over the world. He has also just won the ‘Coffee Talk Jazz Radio International Songwriter of the Year Award’.

James is looking for someone who would like more exposure of their work as the song will be released on all major digital music platforms including iTunes, cdbaby and Amazon. He has a huge fan base around the world which will add to the illustrators publicity when the single is released. There is no budget available so he hopes that the amount of promotion the illustrator will gain through the opportunity will make up for this.

For more information about James, please check out his website here:


If interested please send examples of your work or link to your website to jammy.c@hotmail.co.uk

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The Art Of Publishing – By Emily Foster – Entry 1


I’ve been working in publishing for eight months now and one thing I’ve learnt is that there are lots of potential authors out there. It seems like every event I attend there’s an author in the making to meet, and every week I receive new emails from people pitching their prose.

Take last week for example – I was at a networking event chatting to the host when she introduced her friend, who just happens to have written a book. He launched into his spiel about a how-to guide to get into the games industry.

By now, this kind of conversation is nothing new to me. Usually I give some advice, but the response is always the same: “Will you publish me?”. Now, these are not unwelcome asks. At Limehouse Books we try to be as open as possible. We’re a very small, independent publishing house, a start-up and fully self-funded. We can’t publish everyone, but we try to help where we can. So, this time, I decided to offer something different.

I pitched him right back. I told him about our imprint, Limehouse Tower, how it’s a new outlet for writers to self-publish, whilst taking advantage of all the benefits a publisher can offer. What this means to us and the author is exceptional design, production standards and worldwide distribution channels.

It’s also the first time a trade publisher has openly created an outlet for people to promote their work that’s integrated with the running of our own Limehouse projects.

I gave him my card. He said he’d think about it and went back to the bar. Maybe I’ll hear from him. Or maybe I’ll wait to see what budding author the next event brings…

By Emily Foster



Emily Foster

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Attention Film Makers – Virgin Media Shorts Competition 2012 is Here!

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Virgin Media Shorts is a leading short film competition for the UK and is open to all to enter. Now in its fifth year the competition is bigger and better than ever before giving even better opportunities for filmmakers. With an extra 13th spot on the shortlist they are ready to uncover the best film making talent Britain has to offer.

Entries will be judged and the top 13 entries will have their work screened at over 200 cinemas nationwide for a year. A Grand prize winner will be chosen by a top panel and this winner will get £30,000 funding to make their next film with the BFI.

There is also a Peoples Choice winner that will by selected by the general public through Virgin Media TiVo boxes, the Virgin Media Shorts app and through the Virgin Media Shorts website. The Peoples Choice winner will get £5,000 towards the making of their next film with BFI mentoring.

Entering the competition couldn’t be easier; simply upload your film (no longer than 2 minutes 20 seconds) to www.virginmediashorts.co.uk between 19th April and 12th July 2012. The concept is your choice so surprise us!

If you enter please let Creatabot know and we can add to the promotion of your entry in collaboration with Virgin Media Shorts!

Every entry will be showcased to thousands on the Virgin Media Shorts website, as well as through the iPad, iPhone and TiVo® apps – so even films that don’t make it to the final will get heaps of exposure.

For those who prefer watching films to making them, there are plenty of ways to get stuck in this year. You can vote for your favourite short, join the debate online, win prizes and come along to our swanky screening events. Plus for the first time ever, you can help nudge your favourite film into the spotlight with the ‘Lucky 13th’ place on the shortlist.

Previous judges for the competition include actor John Hurt (1984, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy), director Paul Greengrass (Bourne Ultimatum), director Mat Whitecross (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), actor Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, The Usual Suspects) and director Duncan Jones (Moon).

The winners don’t just get their work seen by millions in cinema; they turn industry heads, too – 2009 winner Luke Snellin clinched a BAFTA nomination for his winning Virgin Media Shorts film ‘Mixtape’, and is now working on his first feature. Oscar Sharp, 2010 winner, was nominated for a BIFA for ‘Sign Language’ and his latest short, starring Olivia Colman, will be unveiled shortly!

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Celebrate Medway’s Creativity On 23rd June 2012

Creative and Art Events

Medway is the centre of a flourishing creative community and on June 23rd the Nucleus arts centre in Chatham welcomes everyone to join them in the celebration of their 10th anniversary. The day of celebrations will run from 11am to 11pm throughout the town centre and will include a mixture of exhibitions, open artist studios, street performers and live music.

The Nucleus arts centre in Chatham, which resides next to the Trafalgar centre on the high street, opened its doors to a variety of artists in June 2002. Since then over 400 creatives have used the valuable work space to produce their work as well as exhibit to the local community.

10 years ago local sculptor Hilary Halpern found there was a limited amount of creative working space available in the Medway area. After speaking to local artists it was established that there was a great demand for such a place and this evidence was taken to Medway council and the arts council. These authorities gave the go ahead and Hilary found 272a/b in Chatham High Street which was the perfect building for the concept. Previously used for a number of businesses including a health food restaurant, bakery and even a builders yard, Hilary and his daughter developed the building into artist studios and exhibition space. A month after opening the Nucleus cafe was opened at the same site which added a social and community dimension to the studios.

Since then Nucleus has extended its studios in Chatham and also runs a shop in Rochester and Maidstone. In the future Nucleus want to hold more workshops and educational projects which can support more people within the community. They are also planning to involve themselves more in media such as You Tube and hope to soon have an online store for their artists.

See you on the 23rd of June for the anniversary celebrations!

About The Day

On the stage at the art centre there will be local bands playing for you for free until 8pm. They have a fantastic Stones tribute band, a Jazz band, Acoustic and Folk bands and alternative rock to keep you entertained throughout the day. They also have comedian Nigel Adams and book readings from Wolf Howard and Jim Hill at the Centre. There will be arts and craft stalls along their driveway and portraiture/cartoon drawings as well as face painting and Henna/glitter tattoos for the children.

The Rochester Coffee Company will have food and drink to keep you refreshed including an outside bar and a scrumptious BBQ!! 😎

Along the High Street at various times there will be performances by Circus Street Performers Jugglez and Street Theatre too.

In the Central Theatre between 1pm-4pm they will have the Kent County Choirs and Musicians, Walk Tall Theatre Group, Force 10 and dance groups Dance Alley and Medina Belly Dancers. All of these acts will be performing for you and the whole of this event is FREE.

Finally, upstairs in the Pentagon there will be theatre and dance acts from the Central Theatre performing for you between 1.30-4.30pm.

Here is a slideshow of how the Nucleus art centre has developed over the last 10years.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Editors Look At “Craft Central Gets Hitched” – 22nd to 25th March 2012 – Central London’s Handmade Wedding Fair


Unlike your average wedding fair this little gem offers a look at the main elements you are going to need for your big day. Due to the exhibitors being craftsmen and craftswomen most items can be tailored to your personal style and ideas. A major advantage is you get to meet the crafters face to face instantly so can discuss personal requirements.

Amongst those showing their work are a number of silversmiths and jewellery designers, some who even hold their own studios in the Craft Central building itself.

Examples of delicious cakes and unique wedding favours are on show to give ideas on how to make your guests happy.

Photographers have samples of their work on display so that you can make sure your special day is brought back to mind with happiness. And of course a number of designers have samples on show to give examples of dresses you could be wearing.

I can’t express enough that if you want your wedding day to be unique this is the most vital wedding fair you need to go to, so make sure you take a look! The venue is inside the Craft central building, easily visible on the corner of St Johns Square, London, EC1M 4DS. The nearest train and tube station is Farringdon but it also isn’t far from Chancery Lane. For more info see our previous article.

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Britain From The Air – Outdoor Photography Exhibition – Chatham – 31st March-18th June

Creative and Art Events

ImageAs part of Medway’s Year of Celebration, Medway Council is hosting the Britain from the Air outdoor exhibition a stunning collection of more than 80 large scale images, by Britain’s foremost aerial photographers.

Wigmore Arts Weekend – 30th June to 1st July 2012 – Invitation To Exhibit Work – Kent

Creative and Art Events, Creative Opportunities

A community centre in Wigmore are holding a creatively-focused weekend and are inviting artistic individuals and groups to come along to exhibit and demonstrate their skills to the general public.