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With stars in their eyes, students from Uckfield and Beacon, in East Sussex, met at Uckfield Picture House for an award ceremony of their film studies and media studies project finished exam pieces.

This award ceremony has taken place every year for the past six years with an afternoon of watching the student’s work, whether it be music videos or trailers, and then giving out awards in categories for hard work successfully achieved.

Every college should celebrate the students work in such style like this event!

Speeches from students were short and sweet, but overall the evening was enjoyable as always.

Explaining the event (and an award I received):

This also mentions a new YouTube mini series coming soon!

Below is a picture of the winners with their smiles and prizes.

By Alice Stansfield.

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One thought on “THE USCARS

  1. Glad you won. Congrats! Wish I was still teaching you guys at Uscars, I’m sure it’d have been great.

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