‘Hang On A Minute Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea’ – Unique Exhibition In Bexhill – 7th July to 1st October 2012

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Having a dad who loves the brilliant well known film ‘The Italian Job’ I was dragged down to the de la warr pavilion in Bexhill this weekend. However, what I was to find was not a ‘dull’ art exhibition, but a full size bus hanging off the roof.

Taken by Alice Stansfield, 08/07/2012

From the 7th July throughout summer this year the exhibition on the roof on the pavilion is art inspired by the final scene of the movie ‘The Italian Job’. Commission by Richard Wilson, sculptor Richard Wilson’s work fills the roof for a very action packed photograph. Known as his most ‘daring work’ the bus is a replica on the coach in the film balanced on the roof and moving to really resemble the finally scene of the classic film.

Inside the pavilion is details about how the coach was put up and some details on the film. All I really felt this needed to improve the experience was some blinds on the coach as the windows are instead blurred out to make it really look like a model, where instead I feel they could have gone all out to make it look like a real coach. Although driving up to it was scary enough to make anyone believe it was about to fall!

The best part, it’s free and you get a lovely view of Bexhill!

Photo taken by Alice Stansfield, 08/07/2012

Photo taken by Alice Stansfield, 08/07/2012

Also inside the pavilion are other art exhibition rooms. Gallery 1, which is open to September 16th, is titled ‘Everything Flows: the art of getting in the zone’. It features ‘moving image works’ inspired by succeeding in sport, again all free with the option to give a donation for more things like this to happen.

You can always finish the day in the cafe or on the beach. A lovely day out this summer for all the family, as they say.

By Alice Stansfield.

The ‘Hang On A Minute Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea’ is on exhibition until 1st October 2012 – for more information please visit 


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